Weekly photo challenge: Object



The Weekly photo challenge is object.
This is the instruction: In this week’s challenge, I’d like you to use one tangible object as both your inspiration and subject. It can be the obvious focal point of your shot — like my husband’s juggling ball above, snapped on a beach on the north shore of Kauai. Or you can get creative and find other ways to feature your object — the only requirement is it must be somewhere in your frame.

I have this glass flower in a glass ball. I set it outside on my hottub cover….in the water from the snow. It is lightly showing.

Once in Cosumel (continued)

See previous post for the first of this story…..

I looked around. The road runs beside the ocean. It is an island, a small island. Everything is buy the ocean. I could hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shore. The hypnotic sound of the ocean. It felt like my heart was going to beat so hard, the noise so loud. I tried to sound calm. “Let’s just get back in the car and go back to the hotel.” He was driving a Volkswagon Bug car. He was no Sylvester Stalone guy. He was tall and had a pot belly and was bald. He was not handsome. I didn’t feel threatened earlier. He seemed like a respectable guy. We just talked and were in a group of people from the ship. Heck he never made a pass at me all night. Now he was acting like I was just what he wanted. Standing by the car, with him on the other side, I was getting nervous. I was trying to reason with him. It was like a cat and mouse situation, he was the cat and I was the mouse and I didn’t want to get caught by the cat. I was a little tispy from all those drinks I had. I was single, alone, drunk in a car with a guy I didn’t really know. I tried to reason with him. “I like you but I don’t feel that good. I think tomorrow would be perfect to meet up. We would have more time together. I had to really get back.” He would think about it and finally said we would go out tomorrow. “Yes, that would be perfect”, I agreed. We got back in the car and he drove me to the hotel. When he pulled into the parking lot of my hotel I got out of the car. I was so glad that he did drive me back. I started walking to my room, it was farther in the back, it was a long way. I looked back and he was following me to my room. I gasped, I started running and lost him. I ran into my room. I waited by the door, listening for him, but he didn’t come pounding on my door. There were lots of buildings and rooms and sidewalks, so I must have got to my room in time. I was so lucky that nothing happened. I didn’t go back downtown the next day. I never saw him again. I was single and just trusted people to be nice. I didn’t think of him as a danger when I got in his car. He could have been a killer for all I know, I am just glad he changed his mind about whatever he had planned.

Once in Cozumel


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ImageWeekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger

I once went on a diving trip with a dive group. We flew to Cozumel, Mexico. The island was beautiful. The water was so clear and you could see beautiful fish. After a day of diving the group would meet down in the outdoor lounge and have the drink of the day. They would make some beautiful drinks in all colors with those paper umbrellas. I would go over to the bartender and point at the colorful drink that I wanted. We would sit around and talk and then all catch a taxi and go into town to a restaurant and eat. It was usually Grouper. After I would go to the bar where everyone would go. I would sit there and listen to the loud music and just talk and laugh with people. One day I bought tickets on this cruise boat, it was called the rum punch cruise. They would give you these rum punch drinks. We went to this beautiful beach and got off the boat. On the beach were these tables full of food and tiki torches all lit, casting light all over the water. Then we got back on the boat and they played loud music and we would dance. When the boat ride was over we all went over to the popular bar that played loud music. The guy that ran the boat came with us and sat with us and bought me more drinks. It was a really fun atmosphere. There were t-shirts stapled to the ceiling from all over the world. We would just tell stories and laugh and drink and it was a fun time. Later in the evening, I got up to go and catch a taxi, but the guy that owned the boat said he would give me a ride back to my hotel. I said “OK”. He was nice all night. It was not far to my hotel and so I let him drive me home. In the car he drove past my hotel and drove down a dark road and stopped the car. “Why are you stopping and why did you drive out here.”, I said. I was starting to get scared so I got out of the car. He got out of the car. I would walk around the car in order to keep him on the other side of the car. I thought “Oh, no, what have I done. I should have taken the taxi.”  I told him I needed to go back to my hotel, that I had a dive to go on the next day. I could see him the next night. I was tired and needed to get back. He would just keep trying to get next to me, so I would just circle the car. I didn’t know what to do.

What had I got myself into…………………….

Here is a link to the writing challenge, cliffhanger.

The lights are packed away.

I love Christmas lights. I loved them in my yard, lighting up the yard. They seemed to twinkle and shine. But it is the 6th of January. It was time to take them down. I watched all the shows about how people go crazy decorating their houses. One guy did one million lights. On my fence I had 12 strings of 100 lights each and 4 strings of lights on my pine tree. So all together I had 1,600 lights. It was not fun taking all the lights I had down. Most of them were wound around the fence and it was awful unwinding them all and then putting them away. My son helped me take some off the fence. He wadded up the lights and tangled them up and threw them on the floor. It took me longer to un-tangle them and roll them up and stuff them each into a baggie. I told him, “Remember those happy families on TV that were putting up thousands of lights for their father and were acting like they loved it.” I bet after the camera was off they were not so happy to be putting up all those lights. One guy covered his entire house with lights. The thought of taking all those lights off and putting them away would make me never want to put up lights again. I then tackled the Christmas tree. I got on the internet and found a bag that you just put at the bottom the tree and pull it up and then close it and carry your tree away. The bag costs $100 dollars. It would be nice but now where do you put that bag with your tree. We took the tree apart and stuffed it back in the box that it came in. I wrapped up each ornament in paper towels and some with plastic wrap. I am hoping that the glitter is protected in the plastic. I threw away a lot of ugly ornaments. Some I didn’t like anymore.
We were going to go to San Francisco, CA today. We packed our suitcases yesterday. At 5:30 in the morning, my husband woke me up. His eye was all red and swollen. He said we could not go today. He must have an eye infection. We could not get our money back on the hotel we reserved or the tickets to go see Alcatraz. They don’t give you your money back if you can’t go…….Oh well. It would have been fun going on a little trip. Eating fresh crab at the fisherman’s wharf. I wanted to see the crooked street and ride in a trolley car. We will go some other time. So I had a wonderful day (not) putting away all the Christmas decorations. It looks so plain and boring. I did leave up my village houses in a book case. I love those.

Weekly photo challenge: One


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The Weekly photo challenge is One.
I saw this wild horse the other morning. I walked over as close as I could get to it and took it’s picture.
one It was at 7 am in the morning and was so cold outside. Later when I picked my son up at school, he got out at noon that day, another horse walking on the sidewalk by his school.
These are wild horses and they walk where ever they want to. The horse here was with 3 others but they were further down the road.

Christmas lights


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I looked on the internet for Christmas lights where I live. They showed one street that decorates their houses nice so we drove over to it to see. One house went all out and put up lots of lights and had a sign to tune to a radio station that played the music. The lights danced around the yard to the music. It was beautiful. Everyone on that street put up pretty lights on their house and yard. My neighborhood….not so much. I mean some people put up a string of lights on their house and called it good. I wrapped red and white lights on my fence and put ornaments and lights on a pine tree in the yard. I hung a pretty wreath on the door and red bows on the columns on the house.
After seeing that neighborhood I was all inspired to go buy more lights and put red and white lights around columns and buy light up bows. I didn’t buy those, they are $30 apiece. They were all out of red lights. I will get them next year. This is my lights. I put the snowman on the picture to make it cute.

This is my Christmas tree. That was dangerous. It was a 9 foot tree. It is artificial. You can made it a 9 foot tree or a 7 foot tree. I was up on a ladder trying to fluff out the branches at the top. I lost my balance and fell of the ladder, hit the couch and fell on the floor. That did not feel good. I made my husband make it a 7 foot tree before I touched it again. I was not going to stand on the ladder to decorate a tree. The 9 foot tree is prettier but I was not going to kill myself decorating a Christmas tree. I almost did.
I also got a new Homer Depot ornament. They made Homer twice as big as last year. I got him cutting a tree. You can get them at Home Depot.
He looks like a giant against the one I got last year.
This in my yard decorated for Christmas.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.

Mi mi mi

I picked my son up from school and turned on the radio. He likes to listen to music. This song came on. It made me want to put ear plugs in my ears. I tried to turn it off but my son insisted on listening to it. It is an awful song. It is called Mi Mi Mi. UGGGGGGHHHHH.
I looked up the video. It is even worse.

What do think of it.

Weekly photo challenge: Grand


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The Weekly photo challenge is Grand.
It snowed the other night. Snow is grand. It covers miles and miles. It covers streets and yards and cars. I think when it first snows it looks grand. I went outside and took this picture, when there was no tire tracks in the road. It just looks like a carpet of snow.

I have one more picture. Saturday we went downtown to see the Reno Philharmonic orchestra. They were doing a Christmas show. I thought this was grand. Hearing the whole orchestra was wonderful. It was like the music that they play for movies, but I was right there watching it and hearing it. Even though I had the nose bleed seats. They were grand…..and wonderful.

Weekly photo challenge: Let there be light


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The weekly photo challenge is Let there be light.
I just finished putting up Christmas lights on my fence. I used red and white. I was thinking candy cane look. I put red and white. I think I will go buy more red and put a row of lights beside each other. Like red and white right next to each other.
Right now this is the way it looks.

Weekly photo challenge : Unexpected


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The Weekly photo challenge is Unexpected.

It was supposed to only snow to 7,000 feet in the mountains. It snowed here in town too. The snow here was unexpected. It was very pretty though.

I don’t think my roses expected the freezing snow and ice. The rose bushes still have buds on them, all froze now.
My beautiful red roses are done for this year.


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