camping with in-laws.


I went to Michigan last week.  We went to Higgins Lake.  There is a huge campground there.  My husband’s family all live in Michigan so we went there to go camping with them.  It is a pretty lake.071

The temperature was cool all week.  High of 75, low of around 59 F degrees.  I didn’t go swimming.  All the relatives went swimming.  They would all walk over to our camper and ask if we were going swimming.  “Hey, were going swimming, come on, lets go.”  I said “No, it is too cold for me.”  I went for a walk and saw a sign by the water.  “Warning, swimming in this water can give you swimmers itch.”    They talked my son into going.  My husband’s cousin has a boat and he was going to take the children out on the boat.  I walk to the water to watch.  “Bill” was there at the shore in his boat.  The boat would not start.  A few of the brothers were working on the boat, trying to get it to start.  My son was in the water, up to his knees.  He was searching for rocks and little shells.  The boat started, but then died again, so there was no boat rides.  My son came back to our camper to dry off.  He was scratching and scratching his legs.  He wanted to itch off his skin.  We took him to the shower and he washed off, but still itched.  He said it was so itchy and would not stop.  I poured calamine lotion all over his legs and the itching stopped.  The next day, the whole crowd wanted to go swimming again.  My son did not want to go but his aunt begged him to go.  He went and they forced him to go into the water.  He went in a little while.  He was not happy about going in the water after the itching incident.  When he came home, I took him to the shower and he washed really good.  He didn’t get itchy that time.  He did have a little rash on his stomach and top of his feet.  His aunt, who is a nurse said it was not the swimmers itch.  She didn’t think his itching was from that.  Yeah, sure, he got in the water and got out and his skin itched like crazy.  They all went swimming and didn’t itch though.  My son has very sensitive skin though. 

The same cousin, with the boat, invited us over to his cabin for a bar-b-Que.  We all went.  The wife said it was time to cook the hamburgers.  She got out frozen burgers.  They were in two boxes, all stacked up.  She told me to go out and cook them on the grill.  There were all these men standing around and I got stuck cooking the hamburgers.  I asked how many people wanted a burger.  They said to cook 16 of them.  The burgers were frozen so hard, I could not break them apart.  I called one of the guys over and made him break apart the burgers.  He slammed them down and got them loose.  They were thick burgers, it took me 30 minutes to cook them.  I also had to cook hot dogs too.  The hot dogs cooked fast.  They got eaten right away.  By the time the burgers were done cooking, nobody wanted to eat them.  They were full from the hot dogs.  I sat down by the fire, they had a fire going.  I had my book.  I was reading a Stephen King book called Duma Key.  I was really into my book, it is so good.  I sat there reading.  I wanted to go but we had given my husband’s sister a ride and she had brought her laundry and was doing her laundry in the cousin’s washing machine.  We had to wait till she was done. 

I also draw and paint pictures.  My sister-in-law came up to me with a sketch book.  She had a bag of pencils.  She handed them to me.  “I brought these up here to have you draw me a picture.”  She pointed at the trees.  “Draw me trees.”  I didn’t really want to draw trees.  She didn’t take no for an answer.  I sat in a chair and looked at the trees.  I looked in the bag of pencils.  It was all just lead pencils, no color pencils.  I drew some trees but it was not all that inspiring to draw trees with lead pencils.  I gave them back to her and said, I don’t really draw pictures with just pencils.  She liked the picture, but I didn’t.  Black trees, black leaves, black bark, white sky.  Yuck. 

We went to the camp store and took 4 of the kids.  My son got a bug ring and this flashing eyeball ring and the yellow thingy in the top picture, that is squishy and is a thing you put on your arm.  My husband told the kids they could each by $5 worth of stuff.  They were running around trying to pick out what they wanted.  My niece picked out a blue squishy bracelet and then after we bought it, she decided she wanted a pink one instead, even though her favorite color, in the whole wide world, is blue.  I said “Oh, the pink one is pretty, it goes with your clothes.”  She wore it all day. 

My son did not know how to ride a bike.  All the kids had bikes and were riding all the time.  By the time we were ready to go home, they taught my son how to ride a bike.  The morning we were to leave, my son rode the bike with his aunt around the park for about an hour.  He said he loved doing it.  It is so hot here, that he haa not rode his bike.  I told him to ride the other evening, but he was afraid of the traffic on our street.  I have to take the bike to a parking lot that is vacant and let him ride.  It is 95 in the daytime and I think he would get too hot.  Next year, I am taking his bike camping with us.

I would go sit by the fire and roast marshmallows.  I like them light tan color.  That is the best.010keep

Well that is my camping trip in a condensed form.  I will talk about the fishing another time.

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

5 thoughts on “camping with in-laws.”

  1. I cannot even begin to guess when the last time was that I roasted marshmallows on a campfire. Lucky! My sister’s liked to burn them and then pull off the outside and toast the inside. It ends up a weird, shiny texture 😐 Go figure.


  2. James, I clicked on your link and it does remind me of it. I have never see Dr. Who. The eye ball ring flashes color all over the eye.
    Kelly: I am surprised the marshmallow stays together if you take off the burnt outside. Marshmallows burn really good with lots of flames if you throw them into the fire.


  3. Oh, yes, the burnt outside pulls off and the inside is smooth and gooey, so when you bake it again (or roast it) it is shiny….

    weirdness I learned from too many indoor roasted marshmallows (gas stove) and too many MN winters!


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