Making something I haven’t made before.

I have had my fake Christmas tree sitting in the living room, sitting there, undecorated for a week. I told my husband to bring in the boxes of decorations from the garage. Now they are sitting there. I bought this tree at Dollar General for $20. It is 6 feet tall and kind of puny. We have a big one out in the garage…..but it takes up a lot of room and takes forever to decorate……so I just got this small one. I just have not had the urge to decorate. I kind of have a little tradition that I do. I take a glass ball ornament and I write the year on it and I take a picture of my son and I print it out and glue it on the ornament and then put sparkles on it. I want him to have an ornament for each year, so when he grows up, he can see what he looked like when he was small. My Mom never did anything like that for us. Heck, I remember that she would give us socks and underwear and pajamas as Christmas presents. Imagine getting all excited about opening up a present and finding socks…..oh whoop. I don’t do that for my son. I buy him socks whenever he needs them. They are not a present, they are something you need, like toilet tissue, you need that, and you would never wrap that up as a present.


I watched this video of this chef making B-B-Q pork. He takes a big pork shoulder and cooks it very low, 210 F  in an iron pot for 12 hours. Then it is so tender and just falls apart, then he pours on b-b-q sauce and puts it on a bun. I went to the grocery store today and bought a big pork shoulder. I brought down my Nesco cooker from upstairs and trimmed off a lot of the fat on the pork  and put steak seasoning on it and a little B-B-Q sauce on it and put it in this big iron pot I have. I am going to cook it for 12 hours. I didn’t do the liquid smoke in mine. I just don’t like smoke taste.  It was on sale for 99 cents a pound, so it cost me $6.
Actually it is working out fine without my stove. I bought a toaster oven that also is an oven and it has a fan so it is a convection oven. It works really good, but I was afraid to leave that on for 12 hours, so I got out the Nesco

I will take a picture of the pork after it is cooked tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out good.

One thought on “Making something I haven’t made before.

  1. I bet it will turn out amazing! Anything that is cooked that low for that long is usually really tender.

    I have yet to pull out the tree. Maybe this weekend, maybe the next. I will probably do it in celebration of surviving this semester.

    I like the ornament/picture idea.

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