There was a whole cows head in the meat case.

We woke up Saturday morning.  I made a big bowl of pancake batter to cook up pancakes.  I love pancakes on Saturday.  Hubby cooks the bacon.  He makes it nice and crispy.  We decided to go to the Fry’s Mercado store. 

It is a Mexican store.  When we parked in the parking lot and got out and walked to the door, we saw that they were cooking up lots of chicken outside.  They had two big grills with racks on them and they were covered in chicken.  The smell of smoke and chicken filled the air.  There were a lot of picnic tables sitting outside and a sign selling chicken dinners.  We were there about noon and it was so hot.  It was 112 degrees that day.  With the two grills with fires going, it was even hotter.  There were actually people sitting outside at the tables eating food.  I was just roasting hot walking by.  When we went inside the store, there was this big square of food displays for sale.  They were selling all kinds of ice creams and drinks and lots of fruits.  I went there for the avocado’s.  They were 6 for 99¢ .  They had 4 pounds of white onions for $1.  I got 3 onions for 38¢.  I got two big bags of carrots, a cauliflower, green beans, 2 heads of lettuce, 64¢ each.  They had a big stand of white rice.  The price was 2 pounds for $1.  I measured out 2 pounds.  I got almost 8 cups of rice for $1.  That is 14¢ a serving. 

Then I saw the meat counter.  They had a lot of packaged meat.  They had a pack of chicken feet.  It even had the toe nails on it.  My son came over and said “Mom, you have to see what they have in the meat counter.”  I walked over to it.  It was long.  There was so much meat in it.  (see photo above.)

Down toward the end they had a whole pig head.  It’s eyes were open.  Then I saw a huge head of an animal.  It looked like a cow’s head, without the fur.  It still had its teeth.  What would you do with that thing.  It was really big.   “Um, I will have the head, weigh it out.”  I wonder what it would cost.  How would you cook it…..maybe throw it on one of those big grills out front, feed the whole neighborhood at your next party.  Who wants the eyes? 

The pig head still had its skin on. 

I once worked with a woman who bought pig ears to eat.  She would fry them up.  She said it was like bacon.   Oops, that thought just popped into my mind.  Back to my story…..

There was another place down from the meat counter that had prepared Mexican food.  There were tables there too.  I asked the girl behind the counter where were the tortilla’s that were made fresh.  She didn’t speak English, she just pointed.  I found the production area for the fresh made tortillas.  They had hundreds on a counter, freshly made, still hot.  I got a bag of those.  There was little stores at the other end of the store.   They had clothes in one, jewelry and makeup in another. 
A music store and a store that rented of sold furniture (not sure).  One store had purses.  My son said he felt like he was in Mexico. 

I loved the Mercado store.  The tortillas were fantastic.  It is a long distance for me to go, but if I am in the area of that store, I will go again.


We just went to Mexico two months ago.  We went down by Yuma.  We just went there to get some medicine.  It was so hot there.  There were hardly any cars in the parking lot to cross over to Mexico.  I think people must go when it cools down.  I have never seen the parking lot so empty.  I will go back when it cools down.


Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

3 thoughts on “There was a whole cows head in the meat case.”

  1. Why would a shop employ someone who doesnt speak English? I know you said that it is a Mexican Store – but you are going to get non Mexicans (like you) going in there…

    It makes me realise that The States & The UK arent so different after all ;o)

    You sound like you got a whole load of vegetables – were you able to eat them before they went off? ;o)

    I love eating raw carrots – I may have to buy some at the weekend to munch on ;o)


  2. I think we were hungry when we went shopping, so we bought more than we should have. I am thinking now that I won’t get to eat all the veggies we got. I had corn on the cobb last night. I need to eat the cauliflower and green beans. I like to cut up carrots and put them in the pressure cooker. They cook up in 5 minutes that way. It makes them taste sweet and good.


  3. We get pigs heads here but in Butchers shops – I wouldn’t know how to cook them. I love grated carrots with a squeeze of lemon juice. I keep hearing how expensive food shopping is in the States, but that all sounded reasonable to me.


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