Bed day

I like to take pictures of clouds with strange shapes. This one looks like a pig face with crazy hair running with a pack on his back. At least that is what I think it looks like.
We went to Costco today to buy a bed for hubby. He wanted a California King size bed. We put his bed into our truck to return to Costco, it was a queen size bed, he didn’t like it. They will return a bed if you don’t like it. We went to the section of the store that had the beds and wrestled with that huge bed and put it on the cart. It was a mattress and two twin size box springs. We pushed it toward the front of the store and the people who work there cleared the way for us to push it past the registers while hubby stood in line to pay for it. I am standing there by the bed waiting. It seemed like everybody that walked by had to stop and touch it and look at it and ask me what it costs.  “Oh, you are getting a new bed, how much is it?”  Then I would tell them and they would go “OH, OK.”  Then they would walk off.  We finally got it paid for and then had to push the huge thing outside.  This Costco is in a mall.  I have never seen a Costco in a mall.  It was a challenge pushing that thing in a mall walkway.  The doors were small, but hubby looked at them and they folded out bigger, so we got the bed outside.  I waited by the curb, a ways from the door.  I was standing there looking for hubby to drive up.  Now I was really a ways from the store, almost to the end of the parking lot.  This old man was pushing his cart all the way down the sidewalk.  He finally came up to where I was standing and stopped his cart.  I think he thought I should push the huge bed out of his way so he could continue going straight.  I didn’t move it.  I could not believe him.  The sidewalk was huge, big enough to drive a car onto.  He finally backed up and went around the bed and walked on down the sidewalk, really slow and finally walked across the parking lot.  I think I am a magnet for goofy people.  It was so hot, that I had my son stand by the bed and I went over to the building and stood in a tiny bit of shade.  It was very hot outside, it was 108 degrees F today.  These two people were walking toward where I was.  Where they were was a direct way to the entrance to the mall.  But they changed their direction and started walking toward me.  They walked right by me to walk down this narrow walkway toward the doors.  They could have just walked straight to the door, but they did a zigzag over by me to walk to the doors.  Very strange. 

We got the bed into the truck, all tied in and drove home.  Now hubby has a new bed. 

We were watching TV tonight, when my son said he was hungry.  I have a TV and a couch in my bedroom.  I went and got a bag of sunflower seeds to snack on.  My son ran and got a package of crackers with some cheese and hubby popped some kettle corn and brought it in. It was 10PM and we had not eaten much all day.  “Let’s get a pizza” Hubby said.  “No, I don’t want a pizza, how about go to Sonic?” I said.  We decided to go to Denny’s, so we all got in the vehicle and went to Denny’s.  We ordered the $2 pancakes.  You get 2 pancakes for $2.  We ate them and went for a little drive around the neighborhood and came home.

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

4 thoughts on “Bed day”

  1. We always watch the clouds, there are all sorts of animals doing strange things up there. I hope that your hubby slept well after all the effort just to get the bed out of the shop, hope it was easier to get to the bedroom.


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