Laundry soap on a sheet like a baby wipe.

Last week, I was just flipping through channels on cable.  I mainly watch the high def channels, so I went down to the low channels and I happened to click on HSN.  That is the Home Shopping Network.  I have not watched that in years because I don’t like getting sucked into buying stuff.  I mean they talk about a product they are selling and it makes it seem like it is the best thing in the whole wide world to buy.  They are good at selling their stuff.  If I saw all of that stuff in the store, I would not even stop to look at it.  They were selling this Roomba.  (robot vacuum)  It was going around this carpet and just sucking up all kinds of kitty litter and dirt.  It even went over to a docking station and charged itself up.  I wanted one so bad, but it was expensive and hubby said “No way.”  So I turned the channel.   But before the Roomba, they had on this  guy who developed the best in all the whole wide world cleaning stuff, or at least he thinks so.  He had all kinds of laundry detergent sitting on this counter and pre-cleaners and bleach, and oxi clean.  He invented  new cleaning sheets.  It replaces all the other stuff.  You can do your laundry for just 20 cents and save lots of money from not buying all that other stuff.  He then threw dirty oil all over this cloth and threw it in this little clear washing machine with one of those cleaning sheets and then threw oil all over another cloth and threw it in a little clear washing machine with regular detergent.  He washed them both about a minute.  He stopped the washing machines and the one with the detergent was still all gunky and brown and then he pulled out the one with the cleaning sheet and it was all clean.  I mean Wow, or so I thought.  They show the totals on the bottom of the screen and it is ticking by and the time is almost up.  Just 2 minutes left to order to get the sale….. that was on right now, “Hurry they are almost all sold out”.  Then he put on chocolate syrup and grape juice and who knows what else on some clothes and the threw those into a washer with a cleaning sheet.  They later came out totally clean.  Yes I could get a container of them for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.  Here is the link so you can see them.   He made them sound so good that I picked up the phone and dialed and placed an order.  I think it came to $26 after shipping and tax.    I would have never bought them in a store.

I got them in about 3 days.  I had a white shirt that I really like and I got a stain on it.  I went to Panda Express and got a sample of that new Kobari beef. (That stuff is spicy.)    The guy picked up a piece of the beef on a toothpick and gave it to me and it dripped all over my white top.  I had this ugly brown stain on my shirt all day.

Anyway I got out a cleaning sheet and rubbed it on the stain and let it sit and then washed my clothes with the white shirt.  I used 2 sheets.  The container says only to use one sheet on small loads.  I never wash small loads.  It says use 2 sheets on two loads.  When it got done washing, I took out the shirt and the stain was totally gone.  The clothes got nice and clean.  They felt cleaner too because it didn’t feel like there was soap in the clothes.  The clothes just felt different.  I like the cleaning sheets, but 100 come in a container and since you have to use 2 sheets, it really is no bargain because you basically only can do 50 washes of clothes.  I am going to save them for stained clothes or really dirty socks.  Oh and when I checked the HSN online for the product, it is still $19.95, so there was no rush to call and buy it, like the sales girl said to do.  The price is still the same.  I don’t think I would order it again, but who knows, maybe if I do more laundry with them and they do take out stains, I might get them again.  Time will tell. 

Oh…they are really slimy and soapy when you take them out of the container, so you have to run wash your hands off before you close the lid on your machine.

Update: 1-3-2012

I hardly ever use those sheets. I still have them. They do clean like they say they do on the show. If I throw them in, I see no differene. If I get a stain, I just use Shout in the spray bottle on the stain and it comes out. It works great, even takes out blood. My son had blood on his pillow the other day, he must have had a bloody nose. I sprayed Shout on it and scrubbed it, and it came out.

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

10 thoughts on “Laundry soap on a sheet like a baby wipe.”

  1. I’m glad to read that you got good results on a set in stain. It’s easy to wash things off if you do it straight away.

    I’d really like a Roomba – I hate vacuuming


  2. If the sheets come out slimy, how do the cloths right at the sheet not come out the same way?

    The Roomba doesn’t do as good a job as they say it does. I have a friend that has one and after about a week they put it up because it just wasn’t picking up things like it should have.


    1. It is full of detergent, so it is moist. Thanks for the info about the Roomba. I had an online friend that had one and she loved it, but her son decided to ride it and it broke. One expensive ride.


  3. I love (or rather hate) how the shopping channels can make what could be a two minute piece into ten minutes – its not even like they are saying new things about what they are selling – they are just repeating it…

    …perhaps thay are just trying to brainwash their viewers…

    I think that (me and my credit card) will have a looksie at QVC ;o)


    1. They send me emails now. I clicked on one and they had a special of the day item. It was this wand thing that you just put it over a picture and pull it down and it scans it. I almost wanted it, but then I thought that I have a scanner, printer and I hardly ever use it. I do love their makeup they have on there, but shipping is costly.


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