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We took our tree down on Christmas day. It was starting to dry out and get all brown. That is the pain of having a live tree. It also smelled awful. Next year I will get an artificial tree. That way I don’t have to water it and smell it and worry about it catching on fire. They catch on fire really quick. Have you ever burned one? One house I had, had a huge double-sided fire-place. I put an old christmas tree inside it and lit it. It lit up in a huge bonfire, quickly. Flames were shooting all over the place, but it stayed inside the fireplace. I was lucky I didn’t burn the house down. I didn’t know it would catch fire all at once.

There is a place you can take your old trees to here. We drove it (the tree) over and threw it (the tree) in the pile. You pay them $3 for dropping off your tree. They recycle it. Probably take the wood and make mulch out of it. The place smelled really strong of pine.

We packed up all the lights and ornaments and put it away for next year. I had found this LCD light tree topper, star-shaped, at Smiths (a Kroger) grocery store for $6 a couple of weeks ago. It was marked down from $15. The cash register only wanted to ring it up for $12 but it was marked down to $5.99. I made the cashier give it to me for the sale price. I was going to tear off the sale ticket on the shelf to prove it to her, but she didn’t make me do it. I put it on the tree and it looked great. It constantly changes colors. I will miss looking at the lights on the tree, they look really pretty all lit at night.

We got a new TV a couple of weeks ago because our big, expensive TV we bought 4 years ago broke. A red light would go on, on the front of the TV, the picture would go all black, but you could still hear the show. We went to a TV repair shop and noticed that they had lots of old TV’s sitting all around, they were all Phillips TV’s. Ours is a Phillips TV. The guy said just to look at it would probably be $400 and up to fix it. It was probably going to be the and up price. Judging from all the TV’s sitting around people probably just left their TV there and never came back for it. I set it out for the trash pickup. They didn’t touch it. I called the waste management place and you have to bring your TV to the dump and pay 35 cents a pound. That TV is big and heavy, probably easily 100 pounds. I called this other place that recycles TV’s and they charge $25. Yesterday we drove over to the TV recycle place with the TV. I got out of the truck and went to the door of the place. It was locked. I had called before I came to see if I could bring it in, but they didn’t tell me how to get inside. A guy sitting at a table outside yelled “You have to press the button.” Oh, OK, so I pressed this button, that looked like a doorbell. Nothing happened for a while. Then I heard a beep and I opened the door. You go into a room with nothing. There is blue carpet and just walls that look like it had on 1970’s wood paneling. My son went in with me. “Now what do we do?” he said. I whispered “I don’t know, there is no one here.”  Then we hear a voice come from a speaker in the ceiling. Kind of gave me the feeling I was in the Wizard of Oz.

“What do you want?” the speaker said.

“I’m here to turn in a TV.” I said.

“Go back outside and go to door number 1”

So we go back outside and I look around the corner and there are these big garage type doors with gated doors and really up high. I told my husband to back up the truck to door number one. He backed it up and I opened the tail gate. Nothing happened. We waited and waited and then someone finally lifted up the roll up door from the inside and then opened the wire mesh looking doors too. Those had a pad lock on it.

Two guys stepping into my truck and picked up the TV and put it into their building. They looked at it a while and said “We are going to have to charge you to turn it in.”

I said “I know, I called, I will pay you.” He told me to go back to the door and he would let me in. So I go back to the front door and he opens the door and I go in. He said “Follow me.” We go down this long hallway and then up some stairs to this other room. He goes over to this one guy and whispers to him that I want to pay with a credit card. I told him I called and the girl said that I could pay the $25 with a credit card. They whispered together again. They didn’t know how to do the credit card and the girl had just left for lunch, it would be an hour. Then the one guy said,

“Merry Christmas, go your done.” I said “Really, I don’t have to pay?” He again said “Merry Christmas, you can go now.”  So the one guy showed me how to get to the front door and I left. We didn’t have to pay. I tried but they didn’t make me come back.

So the tree is gone, the TV is gone, Christmas is over. Is the world going to end in 2012?

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

3 thoughts on “Tv recycle place”

  1. It’s a pity your tree had to be taken down so early. We have to pay a tax on everthing electrical now. It covers the cost of the recyling when it’s finished. I’m going to enjoy 2012 – i don’t like the sound of 2013


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