Weekly photo challenge: Unusual

The Weekly photo challenge is Unusual.

I was looking into this lake one day when I saw something very unusual. It was this giant turtle and he swam up to look at me.

I think he looks very unusual.

I also have this big man made diamond necklace that I bought probably 20 years ago. It is huge and reminds me of a pineapple. It looks just like a giant diamond and sparkles like one too. I have never seen one like it since. It looks yellow in this picture but it is clear and white. I made it sepia in picasa. I think it is very unusual looking too.

I am adding one more picture. I took it last night and forgot to put it on here. My husband bought this fly swatter at the store yesterday. It is huge. I have a regular size one, the black one and the giant, huge size is the blue one. It is a very unusual size. I have never seen one that big.


20 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Unusual


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  4. where did your husband find the giant size fly swatter? I bought one a few years back at a dollar store. now i can not find one. I do not go anywhere without it. It works great. After many many uses it is slowly falling apart and would like to find another one. Please let me know where I can get another one. Thank you

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