My apartment is on the 1st floor. There is another apartment on the 2nd floor over me. A man and a woman live in that apartment. They have a little dog, with short legs. He looks like a sausage with short stubby legs. He is white with brown patches on his head. They take him out to go do his thing in the grass outside. Then he runs up the stairs. You can hear him go up the stairs through the wall of my son’s bedroom. I don’t think the wall is insulated or sound proofed because you can hear the people stomp down the stairs and even put on their shoes at the door. They have a cat, and sometimes the cat sits at the door and meows loudly for a long time, to go out. My son says that the cat meows at the door and he can hear it at night. It keeps him awake. The man was outside and said hello once. I told him his cat meows at the door at night and it bothers my son. He told me the only solution was for him to kill the cat. I said “Don’t kill the cat.” I would think that he could close the cat in a room for the night to keep it from sitting downstairs at the door meowing for hours. I should have told him to kill the cat. I bet he would not have done it.   But….I didn’t.

I saw the cat outside one day, with the woman. He is a huge cat. I think the cat is bigger than the dog. He was rolling around the dirt outside my window. She was standing there on the grass, waiting for the cat to roll around a few minutes. She then picked up the cat, huge and heavy, and carried him back into her apartment. You could hear her thudding up the stairs.

After they take their dog outside, you can hear the dog running across the room upstairs. He makes a thudding noise. It sounds heavy and his little short legs thud a lot. He runs around a few times and stops. I can tell when the man is home because he walks heavy and everytime he walks, the floor goes thud. The woman walks more quietly and the floor just creeks.

Yesterday she cleaned. You could hear her vacuum going. It is really loud sounding thru the floor. It sounds like she hits the walls with it and picks it up and thuds it down a lot. I think she must have vacuumed 4 times yesterday. She must have picked up furniture and thudded it down hard because it was really loud.

They walk around their apartment a lot sometimes and it makes a lot of noise.

I think they got a surround sound system for their TV in December. Now when they listed to their TV, the sound booms down the wall and you hear it for hours. When they have an action movie going, they turn it up and it is even louder and there are a lot of explosion sounds. It rattles the walls.

I can hear her running the vacuum cleaner again. She is constantly running the vacuum.

The lady that is going to rent our apartment stands on the sidewalk outside our window. We will be sitting at our table and look out the window and there is this lady just standing there. She has stood there several times. I think she might be concerned about the dogs barking in the houses that we can see from our apartment. When she stands there, the dogs are not barking. But they bark all the time. They bark all day. They bark all night. They bark at everything. They bark when the hear a siren. I sleep with ear plugs in my ears so I don’t hear them bark.

I can’t wait to move to my house.



TWO MORE WEEKS till my house is done. I can’t wait to move.

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

12 thoughts on “Sounds”

  1. I can totally relate. It really is upsetting that there are so many indifferent and rude people in this world. They only think of themselves and not others. I bet it would have been a different scenario if you lived in the second floor and they’re on the first floor. Have you tried complaining to the apartment manager? Although I bet this couple would retaliate in some form. I wish for you too to move in to your dream home soon…


    1. I don’t complain because they have been here a long time and I knew that I was not going to be a permanent resident. People do not realize that they are loud. But he didn’t stop his cat from meowing at the door.


  2. The sausage dog must be basset hound and your neighbours should know that the breed is totally unsuitable for an apartment. As basset is a hunting breed, it can bark excessively and usually really does. Keeping a dog in a condo requires a permission in most cases, so I wonder how they could get it. Connie, I wish you to be brave and hold your nerve.


    1. It is not a basset hound, it is strange looking, it has a short body length, short legs, a little fat. It is a small size dog. These are condo’s but they didn’t sell, so they rent them out. They have garages. Almost everyone has a dog or two here. It is allowed. They even have huge dogs. People walk them over to our corner to do their duty. There is a stand with bags for them. I have seen them walk over here from the other side of the complex. Then when other dogs see each other, they stand and bark at each other. The owners do not stop their dogs from barking. Unfortunately it happens right beside my window. Everyone has grass by their places. They walk their dogs over here to the back corner.


  3. I can understand that you can’t wait to move. My children all chose appartments on the top floor because they had been warned about noise. We don’t have trouble with dogs barking here; I discovered the seeds I was trying to grow aren’t growing because a cat rolls on them

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