Sunday post: Autumn (Wild horses).

Jakesprinter has Sunday post. Today he said to put up Autumn pictures. It is still hot where I live this September 16th day. Right now it is 89 degrees outside. Today I was watering my wilting bushes in my front yard because I have to dig a hole to plant them. I saw a horse on the corner so I ran and got my camera. Then I saw more and more horses. I told my son to get a carrot, so he got a couple of them and I threw them toward them. They walked over and ate the carrot, that was in the road. They were getting a drink of water in the gutter.

There were 16 or 17 horses, they all started walking in the street right beside me.

They walked right past me and some came up in the yard right beside my yard. I don’t have grass, but the lady next door to me does. They came up into the yard and was eating her grass.

They went across the street and was standing in the yards, some of the colts were laying down in the grass, taking a nap, one was scratching his head on the sticks by a tree.

They stayed there a while eating the grass, then they kept walking down the street, into peoples yards.

I could walk really close to them, they didn’t bother me. They were healthy looking and their coats were shiny. They were beautiful.

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

13 thoughts on “Sunday post: Autumn (Wild horses).”

    1. They are fun to watch. The horse management people capture them and take them to be auctioned off. Last week they caught 16 horses. I am concerned that these horses will be captured too. People do not like them walking through neighborhoods.


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