My son is in a cooking class at school. He got in the car and said “My teacher has groups to cook and our group was the best. We all worked together and made great food. Then today she changed the groups and he only got one of his friend in his new group. The 3 people that got in his group don’t do anything. So he and his friend had to do all the work while the other people stood there and did nothing. They were making tacos. He said he made one stir the beans and they could not even do that.” I asked him “How was the tacos you made?” He said “They tasted like shit.” He usually says everything they make tastes good.

He said he wanted out of that group to his teacher. She will see what she can do. I told him to say you love that class but you want to work with students that want to be there. That want to participate. He only has 8 more weeks of school.

We went home and I laughed as he was telling my husband how useless those people were. I was laughing because the other day my husband put up this range hood. It was so heavy and hard to install. He had my son hold it up while he drilled the holes. But it would not install correctly. He would put the screws in the holes he drilled and so he would have to get extenders. It kept slipping and my son was saying he could not hold it and let go. My husband telling my son to hold it for him. He finally got it installed with my son complaining the whole time, not wanting to help hold it. I was wondering if it would get installed because it was hard to put up, but they finally did it.

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

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