Weekend coffee share 4-16-2016

It is that time to have weekend coffee share.

Lets get some coffee made. DSC_0002u

I also have Shasta cola, (I like it better than Coke), root beer, hot cocoa. Now I have to tell you about some of the stuff I have been doing. It looks like Sirius did cancel my service like I asked them to. It seemed like they didn’t want to do it but they did. FM radio is just fine for me. I can also plug in a flash drive and play the music I like. I discovered a neat feature on my car radio. It will find a song on the flash drive. I have this flash drive that I have been putting songs on. I plugged it in and the thing has 440 songs. Wow, I didn’t know it has that many songs. It is mostly all of my son’s songs. He buys albums on Amazon with 30 songs on it. I save them after they get put on his MP3 player.

I went to Amazon and asked for free digital songs. I got one called “Stupid song.” I put it on the flash drive and I wanted to play it for my son. I started wondering how I was going to find the Stupid song. My husband asked the radio to find the “Stupid song.” He didn’t really believe me that it was really named Stupid song. Next thing I know the “Stupid song” came up and I hit play. My got in the car so I played it for him. He likes the “Stupid Song”. My husband said “That is a stupid song.” I said “Exactly.”


I saw an article about the 10 worse dog foods made. I buy Iams prolife for my dog. It is $10 for a 7 pound bag. I just bought a bag of it yesterday. I read the list of the worst 10 dog foods and there it was at number 5, on the list. “OH NO!” The first ingredient is chicken, but the second ingredient is corn. I guess that is bad for dogs. I returned the Iams dog food to the store and bought a new dog food that is on the good list. Wait I just asked if what I bought on another web site and it said what I bought is not good for dogs either. Now I am confused. I opened the bag and my dog will eat it until it is gone. It was on a good list and one other web site says it is not good. Darn.


I am knitting a new hat. I finished the red one that I made for my husband. That was real fun. (NOT). The yarn was so thick. I knitted the entire hat. Hubby tried it on and it was too big. Big and so heavy.

I unraveled the hat and made a smaller size hat. I gave it to him, it is not too big but the yarn is so thick and heavy. I told him his head will be really warm in a blizzard, possibly in Alaska or even the North Pole.


I am now knitting me a hot This is half done. I will finish it with the gold yarn. I have one more row before I change colors.


Well I have to go shrink wrap a lot of chicken breasts I bought. I will talk about that next week. Have a great day.

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Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

17 thoughts on “Weekend coffee share 4-16-2016”

  1. That’s the problem – either people can’t agree on what’s right for dogs or people are paid to promote one brand over another. It is hard to tell who is right. I’ve been buying dog food that says there are only so many ingredients. I’ve also done some grain free, though rice should be fine. But then, nobody agrees what’s best. Oh well, any high quality food is better than anything they had 20 years ago!


  2. I am just going to feed her the second one I bought. If she does not do well on it I will go back to Iams. She did not throw up on that. I give her chicken when we eat it. I give her a couple bites of steak when we have it. She is a small dog so it is a little extra protein for her. What the heck, she eats her dog bed. That can’t be good for her.


  3. People do have interesting ideas about what is right and wrong for the animals. If she doesn’t get sick and likes it she should have it.
    The hat looks lovely. It just might keep one warm 🙂


  4. Dog food is confusing. I gave up trying to find out what is best for her – I tried different varieties and now feed her the one she like best. Great cover photo, btw.


    1. I used to buy the Blue Buffalo dog food at Pet Smart. It is expensive. My dog hated it. She would hardly eat it. That is when I started buying the Iams. My dog eats it. I guess they say it is bad because it has corn in it. I bought the Rachael Ray one today. It is $8.50 for 6 pounds. I will see how it goes.


  5. I love your coffee mug. It looks like it might say, Yellowstone on it. My family vacationed there, once, when I was in high school. I absolutely loved it. I long to go back one day. However, that might not be what it says; so, I may be rambling for no reason. haha. I completely agree with you on the “Stupid Song!” My 10 year old son and I were in the car when we heard it the first time, and we both couldn’t stand it. Now, every time it comes on, we both let out an exasperated, “Ugh!,” and he says, “Turn it quick, Mom! It’s that stupid song!!” 😉 We, then, have a good laugh together as I find a much better song to listen to. Hope you have a great weekend, and I’m glad to have found your blog. I’ll visit again soon. 🙂


  6. I have knit hats before and they were donated to cancer patients. One project were hats for Idaho National Guard headed for Afghanistan. It was aspecial yarn.
    Dog and cat for is a busy industry. My criteria does the animal like, is he gaining weight, coat does looks good are somethings I look for. I used one brand for our dogs. Wasn’t long before their coats were poor and our trips to vet increase. Went back to our first brand and our vet bills decreased.


  7. I might just stick with the Iams. My dog does good on that. I gave her the new food and she acts like she is going to throw up all the time. She was fine on the Iams.


  8. Such an entertaining post! I know what you mean about the pet food. For our dog, I finally settled on Merrick Southern Comfort and Ultra Small Breed Senior. He’s a 13-yr old poodle. So, if you or anyone who reads this knows of anything better, please feel free to let me know! I agree with you that it’s all so confusing. I suppose it depends on how unbiased the study is (seems hard to find one). sigh….


    1. I will see if they sell the Merrick here. The dog food I bought from the list, my dog won’t eat it. She just leaves it in her bowl. I am back to giving her the food she liked. It is hard to change the food because she won’t eat it.


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