Photo Challenge: Look Up

Yesterday my son said “Go out and take a picture of the clouds.” It was almost dark and I didn’t see any colorful clouds.  My son said “Look up.” I looks up and there was this giant cloud, strange looking. Like it was just floating there. It was smooth and had a rounded part.


Off in the distance were these grey circle shaped clouds.




To join in the photo challenge go here.

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Look Up”

  1. The clouds always are a source of inspiration .rTheir shapes heve received names.
    Your son is certainly a poet..
    A french composer wrote a musical piece called ” clouds” ( nuages in French ). From memory I believe this composer was De Bussy . Not sure .
    Love ❤

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