If we were having coffee March 18th

I have started drinking instant coffee.I love Nescafe Tasters choice, House Blend. They have a new tall jar. I love the shape. I bought it because I wanted to jar to put my paint brushes in. I opened the jar and the coffee smelled so good. I made a cup of coffee and my husband said the coffee smelled so good that he made a cup. He then bought a jar for him so I could have the jar for more paint brushes. I put the coffee in a different jar and washed it and now it is a home for my paint brushes. I am in the process of painting a red poppie painting.
This is my art area.
See the jars of paint brushes, that is the coffee jars. Anyway, I like creamer in my coffee. I have tried every coffee in the grocery store. I have tried percolators, Those coffee pods by Kurieg. Mr Coffee, but I really like the instant coffee and I got one of those pots that boil water in a minute. So that is fast and I only have to clean the coffee cup.
Let me tell you about the wild horses that came to the yard next door a couple of days ago. Two of them were laying down in the grass sleeping. I got my camera and took pictures. I ran in the house to see if I had carrots. I did not, so I got a piece of bread. I went out and threw the bread by a horse. He smelled it, took a bite and then jumped up and was like “What the heck was that.”
The other horse got up and sniffed the bread and walked off. They hated it. I did’nt know. I have been camping and the deer eat bread and marshmallow and beg for anything. Horses are like “Don’t be giving me that crap lady.” They were by their self. They must have left the big group I usually see. They walked off, I took a picture as they walked off.
29026269_10214054157124713_2075224937823469568_n (1)

It snowed about 10″ in my yard. I don’t like the snow or the cold anymore. We sold our house so I have to pack everything and put it in storage. We are moving to Florida. I don’t know where we will live yet. We will be living in our motorhome.
Here is the link to join in the coffee share.

Author: Connie T

I love to make videos, cooking ones and legos ones. I like to draw and paint and make crafts and read blogs. I have a Nikon D80. I also use my new Canon Rebel. I don't really notice not much difference in pictures between the Nikon D80 but I bought for the video use. You can not use Nikon to make a video, it is not on the camera.

6 thoughts on “If we were having coffee March 18th”

  1. I am sick of winter too, but not sick enough to up and move to Florida 😉 I hope you’ll still be able to do some painting when you are in the motor home. If not, that you find someplace a little permanent soon. I’m sure you’ll miss waking up to see horses out front!


    1. I am bringing some paint and small canvas boards with me. I will see if I can paint in my motorhome. I have to finish my poppy painting soon, it needs centers. The horses are beautiful. The government wants to kill them so who knows how long they will be around. The cow ranchers don’t want the horses which is sad. I want to live sea level. I live in Reno, NV at 4,500 feet. I want to see the ocean and grow orange trees again.


    1. We are already in Fort Myers, FL. But thank you. We are in the process of buying a new house. I saw signs of panther crossing on the road. They are FLORIDA Panthers and they look like mountain lions. I think I need to buy a fence for the yard. It is a new house with lots of trees around. Look up panther grabs cat on YouTube. That upset me. What if one gets my dog. Oh my.


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