I looked for rocks.

I am laying in bed. I just woke up.  All snuggled up in my new soft sheets I got at Costco. They had them on sale for $12.99 one day. It is 56 degrees outside, a little chilly. It rained last night. I watched the big puffy grey clouds cover the sky. Bolts of bright lighting would flash across the skyline. Bright and big, zigzag to the ground. Then a loud crack, rumble of thunder. My dog would start to bark at the noise. It was quite a show. I got my camera to take a picture but lighting is to fast to take a picture. I just started to record it. Maybe  I can get a picture from that of the bolt of lightning.

Yesterday we went to a place that sells rocks. My husband got out of the car and went in the office to see if we could get some rocks to paint. I have cancer. From the chemo treatments it made my hair fall out. It also screws up the nerves in your legs and feet. It kind of makes my feet numb and burn. It feels like I am walking on blocks of wood full of needles. My hair is growing back a little, it is about 1/4″ long. It looks like peach fuzz.

So I slowly walk  in the door of the rock office. I tell the guy that I want a couple of river rocks to paint. I would pay for some, how much? He said “Take what you want, no charge. Wow, he was so nice. He probably looked at bald me and felt sorry for me. People are really nice to me. We drove over to the big rocks. It was very muddy and my husband said he would look for a rock, I had to stay in the car. He didn’t want me falling on the rocks. I sat there saying “Get that one, the light tan one sitting on the grey rocks.” . He found it but it was cracked. He found me four rocks. He got a big round one. He wants me to paint a pumpkin rock.

I told my husband to drive up the mountain on Geiger grade road. I told him to stop at this little pull out. He pulled over. There were pretty colorful rocks. He got out of the car and found a nice flat white rock with red copper veins through it. It is square shaped. It might make a nice rock to paint on. We then drove home. I later got some paper and drew some pictures. I practice drawing to make sure I can draw a picture on a rock. Here is a couple of pictures I drew. I have been trying to draw a chicken so I can draw it good on a rock I want to paint. I am sending it to a blogger friend who is sick, to cheer him up.


I just wanted to draw a cat, so I did. I might paint one on a rock. I put a hold at the library on painting animals on rocks. This one guy on the internet paints cats and dogs and birds on rocks and get hundreds of dollars for them.


I liked this abstract rock, so I drew it. I might paint that on a rock if I find one shaped like that.


I met an internet friend today for breakfast. She is in town so we met downtown and ate at a buffet. It was so nice meeting her. I have read her blog for years. We talked for 2 hours. It was wonderful meeting her. I am so happy to have met her. Thank you Annie for meeting me.


I had a delicious Banana crepe with caramel on top with whipped cream. So good.




Mama bird

I have a pine tree I planted in my front yard. It is in the center of my yard. I planted it 4 years ago and it is growing big and green. There is a bird, I think it is a Morning Dove sitting in it. Sitting in a nest she built. Not up high in the tree, in fact I can walk right up to it. I saw 2 eggs in the nest when she flew away. Every time I look, she is laying on the eggs. I took a couple of pictures of her.


Then today I went out and took her picture.


Maybe I will see baby birds soon.

Specific: Steam

The Daily post is all about Specific.

Yesterday we drove to Carson City, NV. The mountains all around us is white and beautiful. It looked like a Christmas card scene.

I saw this one mountain letting off steam. A big cloud of it was going into the sky, making clouds.


To be specific, this is a volcano. Steamboat Springs is a volcanic field of rhyolitic lava domes located 20 km SSE of Reno, Nevada. It is between 2.5 and 1.1 million years old and consists of lava domes and flows.
There are no recent eruptions, but it is hydrothermally very active.

It steams all the time but it really shows up when it is cold, like in Yellowstone. I think the power company traps the steam to make power.

Empty tables.

My hubby wanted to go to Costco this morning. It is cold and snowy outside. I put on my boots and down coat and got in the car. The roads were a little icy. We went slow and put our jeep in the snow gear. When we got there, they had just opened. I told him that I was really hungry so I would go get something to eat while he shopped.

I went and bought a hot chicken bake and went over to a table to eat it. They only sell lunch stuff, an egg burrito would have been nice but the chicken wrapped in this crispy bread was good. It warmed me up. Most of all the tables were empty. I took a picture to show you.


See, endless table space. While I was eating some guy came over and set his box of stuff that he just bought right beside me on the table top. I mean…right by me. He then left and came back and put something in the box. Then he went and got a hot dog and put it in the box. Then he said “I hope I am not crowding you.”……….Really, he hoped that.  It is not like he didn’t have a choice of tables to put his stuff on. He then went and got a soda and put it in his box and then picked up the box and left.

Most of the time the tables are all full, but not this morning. I mean, the place he put his stuff was right beside me.

I was here first he said.

The other day we went to the grocery store. My husband saw something on TV and made me come upstairs to see it. Uggggh. I hate climbing the stairs to see what he is watching on TV. I went up there and he said “Sit down and watch this”. I sat down and it was  about some guy serving meatballs in his restaurant. His customers were raving about how great they tasted. The guy said he takes ground beef and mixes them with some type of special bread crumbs and eggs and sugar, salt and pepper. Then he forms meatballs and deep fries them. Then he makes a brown gravy and puts the meatballs in the gravy and bakes them for 3 hours. Well I am not deep frying meatballs but I could make them and cook them but not in the oven for 3 hours. I looked up a Swiss meatball recipe with gravy. I decided to make them. We went to the store so I could get some meat and then I found the isle with egg noodles. I went down the isle when some man who was looking at something on the other side jumped in front of me and said “I was here first!”  I didn’t even know what he was talking about. I was just walking by and the noodles were down the isle on the other. I guess he thought I was supposed to not walk by him or something. I didn’t say anything to him.

I did make the meatballs and they tasted really good. The next time I make them I will take pictures and post the recipe.

It snowed last night and today. It was really pretty last night. The snow was so bright so I took a picture. First snow this year.


The best banana muffins ever.

I hate the banana muffins in the store with the fake banana taste. I was buying a mix to make banana bread, it calls for 2 bananas. It is OK but I decided to go pull out my banana muffin recipe in my recipe folder. In fact I am going to make some today. I let the bananas ripen till they look brown. That way they are soft and so sweet.

Here is the recipe:

1 cup white sugar, 1 egg, 2 cups all purpose flour, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup vegetable oil, 3 ripe bananas (Mashed), 1 teaspoon baking soda.

I cut up the bananas. I slice them down the center and then cut them up in slices, not too thick, then I mash them in a bowl with a potato masher.

Mix the sugar, oil and egg until creamy and light yellow. It is easier to do this with a mixer. I went to Walmart and bought a $14 mixer to mix it up with. We have a nicer mixer but that thing is heavy and the cheap one mixes great and is very light weight to hold while mixing. I wanted a cordless one but I could not find one cheap. I hate the cord hanging off the mixer. I do have a big mixer, one of the giant Kitchen Aide ones but I put it away because it takes up too much room on my counter. It is heavy too. I only get it out if I decide to make bread.

After I mix up the sugar, oil and egg I add the mashed up bananas.


Then I use the mixer to mix it all together. Add flour, baking soda and salt. Stir until completely smooth.


I use an ice cream scoop to put the batter into a jumbo muffin pan. Fill it about 3/4 full. It only makes 5 muffins. I spray the pan with oil spray first.


Bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees F. Preheat your over before you start making the muffins. After 20 minutes I cover the muffins with foil, lightly put over the pan to keep them from getting too dark. I then cook them 8 more minutes. I live at a higher altitude so if you live at sea level watch them after 20 minutes and test them for being done with a toothpick.


They taste so good after you let them cool.



The weekly photo challenge is Relax.

We went to Canyonlands in Utah. We wanted to drive down into the canyon and you can do that there but you have to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. There are 2 parts of Canyonlands. First we went to the part by Moab, UT and then we went to the other side about 45 miles away. We drove down this dirt road there and stopped at a beautiful place surrounded by these mushroom shaped tall rocks. It surrounded us. We found a place to park and made our lunch and found a big rock to sit on and eat our sandwich. The sky was gray and it did start to rain toward the end of our lunch. It was so beautiful to sit there and feel the wind blow by and the little drops of rain hit our skin. It was wonderful. Such a great place, all alone eating our lunch on a rock. When we were done eating we packed up our stuff and left because the rain started to really come down.


We could not go far into the canyon on the south end because you need a permit to drive the road. You need a jeep to go further because they have giant rocks to drive over and quicksand you can get stuck in. I don’t think I would drive it even if I had the right vehicle to do that. On their website it says if you get stuck and need a tow, the cost is $1,000 just to have the tow truck come to you. We did go down the North side of the canyon by Moab. It was fun. I will have to write a post about that with pictures. It was beautiful too.