Lego Tie Fighter

My son bought a giant Lego the other day. I is #75095 Star Wars Tie Fighter.

It looks kind of neat. I took a picture of it. Of course I had to play around with the effects.


He wants to make a Lego movie. My spare room is covered with Lego blocks to build the set. It has been so many years since I made an animation movie. I have to read up on how to do it on the Corel Video I have.

DSC_0001 (2) - Copy

I said cancel but she didn’t want to hear it.

I signed up for Sirius radio for my car 6 months ago. I like listening to Dr. Laura while I wait for my son to get out of school. A little of her can go a long way. She always tells people if they have kids to never date until the kids are 18. You know that is not going to happen. In fact I just read this mother of 3 children got murdered by a guy she met on the internet. He cut her up and threw her away in a garbage can. How awful that is for her children. Maybe Dr. Laura is right.

Anyway I will miss listening to her, but I decided to cancel Sirius. If you don’t cancel it, they automatically renew if for full price. I called them and said I want to cancel. They did not want to hear that. Why would I want to do that. I said “I never want to hear the 50’s, 60’s or 70’s music again. I can’t stand to ever hear Martha Quinn’s raspy voice again. Never ever again, cancel it now.” My husband plays the 50’s because I can’t stand it.

Then she said Ok and transfered me to a new girl. She didn’t want me to cancel either. She kept saying she was going to sign me up for 6 more months for $25. I kept saying No. She kept saying yes. This went on for a while. I must have told her twenty or more times to cancel and turn off the service. She finally said she would cancel it and send me an email confirmation. She never sent the email yet. I hope it is cancelled. I don’t want to call them again.

If I want to hear Dr. Laura I will buy her podcast. I doubt that I will. I have lots of audio books I can listen to and they are not talk radio books. In fact I don’t want to hear about how their mother or father was a drunk. Their husband is cheating on them. The new husbands children is awful, or their kids won’t listen to them. When I think about it I don’t know why I even listened to it.

Making your own egg mcmuffin


The Daily post is Green, This is my green egg cooker.

Egg mc muffin at McDonalds is very expensive. Plus I don’t want to get in the car and go get one. If I go get it I have to get the Frappe and those give me brain freeze. They are cold and I hate brain freeze. I can make an egg on an English muffin that tastes much better and it is so easy and does not cost that much. I like my coffee better at home anyway.

I got a device called a Sistema on QVC go there and look for Sistema set of 3 microwave egg cookers. I like these because they have a vent in it and it latches closed.

DSC_0004 (2)u

I spray some pam on it to keep the egg from sticking. Not much just a quick spray. I beat my husbands egg with a fork and put it in the cooker. I just break an egg and poke the yolk and sprinkle it with a tiny amount of salt and pepper.

DSC_0003 (2)u

Close it and snap it closed. I have a 1250 watt microwave so it only takes 45 seconds for an egg to cook. If you have a lower watt microwave increase the time. It might take a minute.

I do them one at a time. Cook your sausage patties. I love Farmer John mild pork sausage. I get a little tube of it at Winco. I think it costs under $3 for a 12 ounce tube of it. My husband slices up some and forms a patty and cooks it up. I have tried all kinds of sausage and that is my favorite. I get the Kraft deli deluxe American cheese.

Toast the English muffin and then put your sausage patty on the bread, then the cheese and then the egg. I like strawberry on the other piece of bread. The beat up egg comes out fluffy. The one I just put in comes out flat. I like them both ways.


DSC_0007 (2u

This is the flat one. Put the top on the egg and eat. So good.

If we were having coffee, April, 8 2016.

Weekend coffee share:

Thanks for stopping by to have coffee. Let me get a cup.

DSC_0001 (2)u

I got this cup at Yellowstone. I was in the gift shop at the north end of Yellowstone. It was very crowded when I entered the gift shop. I looked all over at the hats and t-shirts and then I saw this coffee cup. I just had to have it. I drink coffee out of it everyday.

Ok …I want to tell you about these neat gloves I got. I hate cutting my fingers when I cut food with a knife. I seem to always cut myself. Then it hurts for a week. I looked on Amazon and found these No cry cut resistant gloves with level 5 protection. (See how I made it look like I was touching the flower…hehe.)

DSC_0004 (2)u

I ordered them and they sent 2 pair. The reviews say that people try to cut them but they don’t cut. I have not done that but I do wear them when I use a knife now. I also put blue nitrile gloves over them to keep them clean. I have not cut myself while wearing those. I ordered new knives on QVC the other day. They sent these really nice sharp knives with covers on them. I didn’t have on my no cut gloves because I was not cutting food. The cover was hard to slid off the big knife, so I pushed and it slid off and slid across my finger and cut that too. I learned my lesson, put the gloves on, even if sliding off the cover for the knife.

DSC_0005 (2)ur

I decided to buy Basmati rice. It costs more but it tastes really good.

I have been using Jasmine rice. I made it last night. It comes out nice and fluffy and dry. The Jasmine always comes out a little sticky. My son loves rice but said he only wanted a little rice. He ended up eating a whole bowl and went back for more. I make him some teriyaki chicken. I cup up a chicken breast and cook it in a frying pan. I watched the chef at Ichiban cook it and he put soy sauce and butter and garlic on the chicken. I shake on some soy sauce while the chicken is cooking and add a tablespoon of butter and let it melt while the chicken is cooking. I sprinkle on some garlic salt and some pepper. Then I just put a splash of teriyaki sauce. Let it cook until the chicken is done. Get rice in a bowl and then put the hot chicken over the rice. I heat up about 4 tablespoons of teriyaki sauce in the microwave. My son pours it over the chicken and rice. He loves it. He told me that is his favorite food.

I love the Aroma rice cooker. It cooks rice the best. I have tried all kinds of rice cookers. Microwave rice cookers make a mess in your microwave. The stove top method in a pan is OK but it sometimes get to brown on the bottom. The Aroma cooker does it perfect. I put a cup and half of rice in the pot. Wash the rice to get the starch off. Pour in almost 3 cups of water. I put it a little under the 3 cup mark. Close the lid and click on. Wait until it pops over to warm and eat the rice.

We went to eat breakfast today at I-Hop today. I had the pancake and egg and bacon plate. I also had coffee. My husband had the same thing. The bill was $25 for breakfast. I think that is really a high price for breakfast. It is becoming really expensive to eat out at a restaurant. I used to live in Las Vegas and I would get up and go to a little bar with a café and the breakfast for 99 cents. If you wanted biscuits and gravy it was 99 cents too. Now it costs as much for breakfast as for dinner. I think I will stick to eating an egg and toast at home. I like my coffee better too, better than what they make in a restaurant. Also they give you these small coffee cups. They look like they hold 4 or 5 ounces. I saw that coffee cup today and looked, it looked like it had been shrunk down. See the cup at the top that I bought in Yellowstone,  it is like 16 ounces. Plus I like real cream in my coffee, not those tiny little containers of half and half, that is really hard to open to pour in the coffee.

It was nice of you to drop by. I hope I didn’t talk your ear off.

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My son is in a cooking class at school. He got in the car and said “My teacher has groups to cook and our group was the best. We all worked together and made great food. Then today she changed the groups and he only got one of his friend in his new group. The 3 people that got in his group don’t do anything. So he and his friend had to do all the work while the other people stood there and did nothing. They were making tacos. He said he made one stir the beans and they could not even do that.” I asked him “How was the tacos you made?” He said “They tasted like shit.” He usually says everything they make tastes good.

He said he wanted out of that group to his teacher. She will see what she can do. I told him to say you love that class but you want to work with students that want to be there. That want to participate. He only has 8 more weeks of school.

We went home and I laughed as he was telling my husband how useless those people were. I was laughing because the other day my husband put up this range hood. It was so heavy and hard to install. He had my son hold it up while he drilled the holes. But it would not install correctly. He would put the screws in the holes he drilled and so he would have to get extenders. It kept slipping and my son was saying he could not hold it and let go. My husband telling my son to hold it for him. He finally got it installed with my son complaining the whole time, not wanting to help hold it. I was wondering if it would get installed because it was hard to put up, but they finally did it.

The Daily Post: Memory

The daily post is Memory.

I wanted to do this because they have a beautiful sketch. It made me remember a day I drew something.

DSC_0002 (3)u

We were visiting my husband’s sister, who lives in Michigan. She had cherry trees and the cherries were all over the tree, red and ripe. She said to get some to take with us. I went out to the trees and picked them off and filled a bag full of delicious, ripe red cherries. I got my sketch paper and laid out some cherries with the leaves and part of the branch and drew it. I then colored it in with color pencils. My sister-in-law liked it so much, she wanted me to draw her a picture of them, so I did. Then she said to draw her a picture of her house. I thought “I don’t really want to draw a house.” So I attempted to draw her house but I just don’t draw houses, so I don’t think it turned out very good. I have to be in the mood to draw something I like. This picture makes me think of those delicious cherries, fresh picked from the tree.

If we were having coffee

I am going to participate in weekendcoffeeshare. Part of the Daily post.

How do you like your coffee? I like it with sugar and creamer and a squirt of caramel. Right now I am using butterscotch topping. I also pour whipping cream into it too. It makes it very rich tasting.

Now, lets talk……the wild horses have not been around much this year. Which is kind of good because they just walk down the middle of the road and sometimes get hit by cars. Some people are mean to them because they don’t want them in their yard. They come into yards and lay of the grass and take a nap. I used to run out and give them carrots but they are not supposed to be fed so I stopped. Once I got a bucket and filled it with fresh water and they came over and drank it. It was very hot that day and they drink water out of the gutter from sprinklers. This was from a couple of years ago so I thought I would drag out a picture of a younger horse to show you. Isn’t it beautiful.

water (2)

Look over there by my stove. My husband just put in a range hood with wonderful lights over the stove.


It has a 3 speed fan that will move 760 cubic feet per minute of air. It will take out food odors fast. I had a microwave hood fan over the stove. I did not like taking out hot food that was high up. I was afraid I would spill it on me. I though the stove got too hot under the microwave. My husband took it out and bought me a microwave for the counter. It is 1250 watt and cooks things great. I use it to cook eggs and you can cook an egg in 45 seconds in a egg cooker I got at Home Shopping.

The range hood was covered with this blue plastic that was stuck on every part of the stainless steel. It was a pain peeling that stuff off. It was also hard for my husband and son to hold up high to install it. It was heavy. It took them a while to put it up but it is so nice. I got stainless steel because I want to buy a stainless steel stove. I have a white one but the paint is awful on it and it bubbles and chips from the heat of the flame. Very poor design and I thought it would be good because it is a Whirlpool double oven stove. It is not. But it is only 3 years old so I will put up with it until I save up money for a stainless steel stove.

Well thanks for stopping buy and reading my blog. Have a nice day.