Bird in a tree.

I was sitting in my car in the parking lot waiting for my husband while he shopped. We were parked by a tree, with some type of berries all over it. A bird landed on a branch and was trying to pull off the berries to eat. He tried several of them but they would not come off. He finally pulled one off and swallowed it. Then he flew off.

IMG_0010 (2)

Brussels sprouts

The other day we were at Raley’s grocery store and I saw a stalk of Brussels sprouts. We used to buy them when we lived in Florida. We would drive to Palatka, Florida just to buy their fresh cut veggies. They had a stand by the road and the would cut huge heads of cabbage and Brussels sprouts with all the leaves on them.

I bought the Brussels sprouts and took them home to cook them. The stalk is really hard, like wood hard. I at first started cutting off the individual little sprouts but they are hard to cut off, so just snap them off. I only did half of the stalk.


Just pull them off and trim them up with a knife. Wash them off in a strainer. I put them in my pressure cooker with 1 1/2 cups water. Cook them for 4 minutes after it comes to pressure.DSC_0011


Put a little bit of melted butter and pour them in a bowl and serve. They are so good.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Express Yourself.

I got a present for my mother. I am going to go visit her next month. I wrapped the package in brown paper, it kind of looks like grocery bag paper. I got out my colored markers and decorated it with an abstract art. I just wanted to express myself, so I drew a picture. I can just hear her now “What is that supposed to be.” I will say, “It is not supposed to be anything, it is just better than brown paper.” She will say “Well, you should not have gotten me anything.” I will say “Just open it.”

DSC_0001 (2)

A key story.

I have a Chrystler 200 car. I carry an extra key in my purse. I use it go sit in the car if I can’t find my hubby in a store. One day, a couple of weeks ago, I decided to go sit in the car and listen to a book. I have audio books on my mp3 player. I went to get my key out of my purse and it was gone. I  got home and took everything out of my purse, twice, and the key was gone. I searched my car, my jeans pockets, my coat pockets. I looked in our truck, all over the house, but I could not find it. I then called the parts department at the car dealer. I asked how much a key for my car costs. The key also unlocks the doors and trunk. The guy said the key is $190.00 and they charge $55 more to program it.

A little key costs that much. What a ripoff. We then started checking the internet. The keys also are for sale at all prices. I saw them up to $79. My husband looked on Amazon and saw it for $28. The reviews were all pretty good, so he ordered it.


I called 3 locksmiths to ask what they charge to cut the key and program it. One said $3.50 to cut it and $50 to program it. The next one said $75 to cut it and $75 to program it. I called one more and he said $6.50 to cut it and $65 to program it, but they don’t guarantee that it will work. On the reviews for the key on Amazon one guy said he paid $25 to have his cut.

Right before the key came, I put on this sweatshirt that was in my closet. I had worn it once and forgot about it. I found the key I lost in the pocket of that sweatshirt. The key we ordered had already been shipped. I got the key in the mail and hubby said he would see if he could program it to work. They send directions how to program the key with the key. He did it and said it was programmed. We took it to the locksmith that said he would charge $3.50 to cut it. He only charged $2 to cut it. Then they said they needed to program the key to make it work. They said it would not start our car. My husband said “It is already programmed. The guy said “We have thousands of dollars of equipment for keys.” Your key will not work unless we program it. It has a special chip in it to start the car. My husband said “I programmed to key, I don’t want to pay you $50 to program it.” The guy said “How did you program it?” My husband said “That will cost you $50 if I tell you how.” They said “Come back in when it does not start.”

We walked out to our car, put the key in the car and turned it. The car started. We didn’t need them to program it. The instructions that came with the key worked. We will keep in just to have a spare key, since they cost so much to have it made. We could be at the beach and lose it, now we have a spare one…for $28.