WeekendCoffeeShare 6-4-16

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If we were having coffee we would talk about our week. My son graduates next week. He got his yearbook Friday. I looked at it. Everybody looked nice except one girl. She had really green hair. Why would her mother take her to the photography studio with clown hair. She will forever be remembered with green hair. I took a picture of it to show you. I did block her face. I don’t want to publish her face.

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We got his cap and gown. It is navy blue. I ordered a navy blue tie for him to wear. He has to wear a dress shirt and tie and dress pants and dress shoes. He graduated at 8AM next Saturday. I have to have him at the place at 7 AM. Ugggg, the last time I have to get up early. Yipeeee.


My husband ordered some vinyl to finish the patio in the back of the house. It is coming out so nice. He worked on it all day and one half is done.

DSCN1327 (2)u


I made nachos the other night so I put the nachos in the oven and turned on the time for 10 minutes to melt the cheese. I took them out of the oven and it was still cold. The oven broke. Darn.  It is a Whirlpool Gold double oven. It is 4 years old and now it won’t work. My husband had it all apart and checked it out and ordered an igniter part. The part won’t be here for 2 weeks. Don’t buy a Whirlpool gold double oven. The top oven still works but it is small.


I had to redo the dog leash I made. My son said it was too long and dragged on the ground. The part I drew on with a permanent marker stained his hand. I cut the leash shorter and then taped the handle part with green tape. His school colors is green and blue. That is why I used those colors on the leash. The next time he walks the dog I will see if it works for him. It is funny….I got the lease and was working on it. My dog was going bonkers because I had it. She thought she was going to go for a walk.


Well, I have to go fold up laundry. That is a never ending job.



#WeekendCoffeeShare 05-29-16

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It is the weekend coffee share time again. Welcome back or just welcome if this is your first time. Let me tell you about my dog leash making experience. My son took my dog for a walk and he said the Leash broke. I went to Walmart to get a new one so I picked one out for $6.48. I checked the price and decided on this one that glows in the dark. When I went to pay for it, it rang up for $1 higher, $7.48. I told the cashier it was marked cheaper and it rang up higher. See…I hate that things ring up different. Back in the old days they marked everything in the store so you knew what it cost. When the stores decided to not mark anything, they said if it rang up different, they would give it to you for free. They had to do that in order for them not to mark each thing. Now they act like they don’t care and say it rings up this, if you want it, you pay this price. I told them to keep the leash. I then went to Home Depot and bought 6 feet of white rope for 9 cents a foot. It is the silky feeling rope. I used the leash clasp that was on the old leash. I taped on the rope after my husband wrapped it with this silver wire I had. I painted with puff paint I had. I put blue dots on one side of the rope and green dots on the other side of the rope.


My son’s school colors is green and blue. I put brown x marks down both sides to match my dog. I still need to put wire around the loop handle. I think it turned out nice.

I have been watching a lot of videos on making paracord dog leashes. I bought some yellow and purple cord, but I don’t think it is the right type because it will not pull tight when I try to make the knots. I ordered a book on how to tie the cord. I watched some YouTube videos but I could not do them. They tie it so fast and only show it a couple of times and the cord I had just did not act like it would work. I also put a hold on a library book on how to do it, but it is checked out right now.

Today we went to look at used jeeps and car dealers. The ones I saw were gross and dirty. I am amazed at how dirty people have their cars. The seats are all dirty and stained. One car had a cracked windshield and it was so dirty. The dealers do not even clean them up to sell them. I would not give them a dollar for them. One had wires all hanging out and holes drilled all over the console. The seat was all broke and parts of the bottom plastic were gone. I said “Why are there so many holes all over it?” The sales guy said “They had a CB radio attached to it.” Well they must have taken that off and just left the holes all over it.

It makes me not want to buy anything used. I wanted a vehicle to tow behind our motorhome. Only a few vehicles are made to tow. I will just wait a while before I look again.

I made a really good meatloaf the other day. I did not take a picture of it. The next time I make it I will take a picture and put the recipe of how I make it on here. If anyone would like it let me know and I will post it.

Well that is all I can think of today. I think I will go watch the new Grace and Frankie shows on Netflix.

#WeekendCoffeeShare 5-23-16

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I am a little late for the weekend coffee share. Sometimes I think I have nothing to talk about so I think about it for a few days and get a pencil and paper and start writing stuff at night before bed.

So I will tell you some of the stuff that happened this week. Nothing earth shattering but I would probably talk about it if we were having coffee.

I ordered a new vegetable peeler from Amazon. It was in a package of 4 things. I also ordered a lens cap leash for my camera. You stick it on the cap and it has a string attached to elastic that fits around the lens. That way I won’t lose the cap.

Anyway I got an email that the package was delivered by the post office. It said it was left in the box and they put the key in your little box. I walked over to the post box and there was no key. The mail lady put the key in some other box.

I drove to the post office and told them they delivered my package to the wrong person. They said “It says it was delivered.” I said “Yeah it was delivered but not to me. Now someone is going to get my package and I don’t get it at all.” They didn’t even know who she gave the key to. I kept walking over and both big boxes finally had a key in it which means they picked up my package. I opened the box and it was empty so they took it. I saw the mail truck and I drove over to it and talked to the post office lady. She said yes she delivered it, she put it in the big box and left the key. I told her she did not leave the key in my box for it. She said she didn’t know she will look and see if they left her a note. I told her that no one drove the package to my house and left it at my door. She said “Well that would be against the law if they did that.” Well isn’t it against the law to deliver my package to the wrong address for her? The next morning I walked over to the mail box and looked to see if the big box was still empty. It had a key in the door so I opened it and my big box was sitting there. Someone put it back. Anybody could have walked by and opened the box and took my package. I am just glad that I got it. There are some honest people in this world.


I made the best tasting chicken yesterday. I had 2 small chicken breasts. I get a big pack of them at Sam’s Club for $1.88 a pound. I told you how I shrink wrap them and freeze this in another post. I covered the chicken all over with a new spice I got. It is this. Brown sugar and bourbon seasoning. It has a smoky hint to it.


I then got a cast iron skillet and rubbed the inside of the pan with lard. I like using lard. I don’t really like to use vegetable oil. I don’t use a lot, I just rub it on the pan with a paper towel. Then I heated the pan and put the chicken in the hot pan. I cooked each side about 5 minutes. The chicken is done when the internal temperature is 165 which destroys harmful germs.

I also looked up a recipe for macaroni and cheese in the Betty Crocker cookbook.


2 cups elbow macaroni, 2 tbsp. grated onion, 1 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, 3 cups cheese,

2 cups of thin white sauce.

So boil the macaroni in a pan of water. Make the white sauce.

2 tbsp. butter, 2 tbsp. flour, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/8 tsp pepper and 2 cups of milk.

Melt the butter on low heat and then stir in the flour. Cook it and stir it for about 1 minute.

I just used my new pepper and salt grinder to put the salt and pepper in. I didn’t measure it. Then pour in the milk and stir until it boils. Let it cook for a minute after boiling and the sauce is done.

Heat oven to 375 degrees F. Drain the macaroni and then place half of it in a casserole dish. Sprinkle on half the onion, salt and pepper and put half the cheese all over it. I used medium cheddar shredded cheese and mixed Fiesta cheese that is like 5 different cheeses from Walmart. I didn’t measure it, I just put on a couple of hand fulls of cheese. Then put the rest of the macaroni, onion, salt and pepper and more cheese. I then poured the white sauce all over it and added more of the cheese. I like it cheesy. The recipe does not call for that.  Bake for 30 minutes at 375 covered. Oh yeah put some pats of butter all over the top before you bake it. After 30 minutes uncover it and bake for 15 more minutes.

It tasted SO good. I didn’t take any pictures of it. I forgot too. I was too busy going Yummmm. It made me want to go down to the fridge later and eat the left overs. I didn’t do that. We are having it for dinner again tonight. I am going to make salmon patties.

I need to go to teach my son how to make fried rice. He is taking cooking class and for the final project he has to cook something for one of his teachers. He chose fried rice. He asked how they make fried rice at Ganghis Grill and they said they use pineapple juice and soy sauce. We will have to try it to see if that is they way he wants to make it for his teacher. I bought some good soy sauce at the Asian market. The lady said to buy sweet soy sauce so I did. She said that makes the best fried rice.


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Daily prompt: Underestimate

The daily prompt is Underestimate.

I started thinking about this one. When you go to RV parks they give you these rules, all printed out that you are only allowed 6 people per site. No noise, keep it quite after 10PM.

Pick up after your dog. Blah, blah, blah.  I mean they print that out, they have security people driving around all day. But at night they go home and then it all goes out the window. I guess I underestimate that what is printed on the rules mean absolutely nothing.

My husband asked me if I like going camping. I do sometimes but sometimes you are just surrounded by ass holes. Like when we went to Pismo Beach in California. I think we went for 4 or 5 days. My son loves to walk the beach for miles and miles and look for sand dollars. Right across the street was 2 trailers with like 40 people. I don’t know where they all slept but they would all gather right across from us in a large group and drink all night and talk really loud and play loud music until like 3 in the morning. I didn’t go there to hear a loud group all night long. I think they must have slept in their cars because there is no way all of them could sleep in 2 trailers. Then right next to us was another large group of people that drank all day and all night. The longer they drank, the louder they got too. They started drinking early and decided to have a hamburger cooking contest between each other. They came over and wanted us to taste their burgers and judge the hamburgers. They talked my son into being the judge. I didn’t want to do it. And the thing is my son does not eat hamburgers or even like them. But they didn’t care so they came over and got him when the hamburgers were cooked. They also asked another couple just behind us to be the judges too. This old couple sat outside all day drinking. They would start with beer, then change to several bottles of wine and then it was cocktails all night long. But they were quiet. They went over and judged the hamburgers. My son came back after he tasted the burgers and told them the one he liked the best. He said they were all plastered drunk. I said “Were any of the burgers any good?” He said “No.” But the person that won was so excited and then the party got really loud….all night long.


I don’t really like being around all those drunks or hearing them party all night long. The thing is that the campgrounds (RV parks) by the ocean are really expensive for the night. It costs $100 a day. I don’t really like paying that much to be surrounded by loud, obnoxious people. I told my husband that maybe we should not go to busy places around any holiday. It seems like where ever we go there is always the loud party crowd that blasts their music all night long.

I called the number on the paper to report the loud people, there is never an answer. The phone never gets picked up. Maybe they should just say “Do you people plan to party all night long” and put those people in a section with all the other party people. They could just have a giant party. But they would so “Oh no, we do not” because there are rules and you can only have 6 people and no noise after 10PM. I think a lot of them say “No alcohol” allowed. “Do you have any alcohol?” “Oh no, we do not, we would not think of bringing any”. As they fill 20 bags of ice and beer into their giant coolers.

One time we were camping and the guy across from us drove up and put up a tent. He got out this huge cooler, the kind you put on a boat, those big, big white ones. He then proceeded to fill up that ice chest with about 50 bags of ice, maybe more. It took him a long time to fill it. I thought “Oh no, he must be having a lot of people coming over the next night.”  He did, the next day the place was packed and he was having a giant beer party.

I think “Why me, why do we always end up by the all night party people.”



Slow cooker Turkey

We had a frozen turkey breast in the freezer. I love slow cooker chicken so I thought I would cook the turkey in the slow cooker. I let the turkey thaw in the fridge for a couple of days. I got the slow cooker and put it on the counter. I cut the breast into 4 pieces. and the turkey took up the whole bottom of the slow cooker. I poured 1/2 cup of EVOO (olive oil) into a glass bowl. Then I squeezed 5 oranges. I used a tsp of onion powder, 1 tsp garlic salt, 1 tsp Italian seasoning and a shake of Badia seasoning. It is a blend of spices. I love that stuff.

My son LOVES carrots. I buy a big bag of organic carrots at Sam’s club. I find those little pre peeled carrots had no flavor at all. They are easy to use but they don’t taste good.

My son helped me peel the carrots. He wanted 24 carrots in the pot. Then I got a bag of those small yellow potatoes and he wanted a lot of those so I peeled 12 of those and cut them in half and each piece in half again. I hate peeling potatoes. Carrots are not so bad but those little potatoes are hard to hold and are slippery. Next time I might get out my apple peeler I have. I wonder if it will work on a small potato. I have never used it.

I saw a You tube video where this guy put a bag of red potatoes into a bucket of water and attached a new toilet bush to a drill. He put the brush in the water and ran the drill and every thing spun around and around. He said to do that for one minute. When he was done all the potatoes were almost all peeled. I would love to try that.

Cook the turkey for 4 hours on high. It tasted so good. The meat is so tender and good. My son ate all of the carrots and potatoes after we got our portion. I had two pieces of turkey left over so I sealed them in those seal bags for turkey sandwiches.

DSCN1294 (2)ur

This is all the carrots and potatoes in the pot ready to serve.


A good and easy way to cook turkey.

Weekend coffee share 5-14-16

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Hi, I am glad you stopped by for coffee. I have a fun exciting adventure planned for us today. Before we go through the star gate we have to get suited up.


A glass helmet will be put over you face so you can breathe. We can’t stay very long on this planet we are going to go visit. It is far, far way from the sun but has the best shooting stars to watch. We go through the star gate and end up on this tiny planet. It is dark but we can see from the flash lights we have. The ground is black, like black iron and it is a little rough to walk on so be careful. Up in the sky there are shooting stars, big and full of color because we are pretty close. I hope they don’t come close to us. I didn’t think about that when I planned this trip.

We saw the stars so we went back home. I didn’t want us getting fried from a star smashing into us. Lets have coffee and I will tell you about my week.

I went to Sam’s club and they had 5 dozen eggs for $4.28. I bought them. When I got home I thought what am I going to do with 5 dozen eggs. I probably won’t eat them all but it was a really good buy at the time. That is 60 eggs so it comes out about 7 cents an egg.

Today I scrambled 4 eggs and mixed in a hand full of cheese and browned up half a tube of sausage. We (hubby and I) mixed the eggs and cheese in the sausage. I got a package of tortillas at the dollar store and heated some tortillas. We put the eggs, cheese and sausage into a tortilla and spooned a spoon of salsa over the eggs. Wrap up the tortilla and have a delicious breakfast burrito. It tasted so good.

The other day I tried making eggs in the mini rice cooker I bought. Wolfgang showed how to do it so I tried it. It did not work out so great for me. The rice cooker stopped cooking when the eggs were half way done. It would not click on for more than a few seconds to finish cooking. I took 3 eggs and put a little bit of cream and cheese in it and whipped it up. I added some bacon. You butter a piece of bread and lay it in the pot butter side down in the rice cooker. Then pour in you eggs. Cover and click on the rice cooker. I think it might do better with 2 eggs only. I put 3 in. After a while I just took it out of the rice cooker and  put it in a pan and cooked it for 10 minutes in the oven. It is not beautiful but it did taste good.


I don’t think I will ever try to make it in the rice cooker again.

I got a new camera lens for my Nikon camera.


The camera came with a 50mm lens. It is a really nice lens but I could not take great far away shots with it. This is a 70-300 mm lens. It does take nice far away shots. I got it on Amazon for $112. It is used but like new condition. It even came in the original box and it looks brand new. Good enough for me to take a picture with once in a while. The forest service was burning an area about 10 miles from me. I got a picture of that.


They burn stuff so that it won’t be so bad if there is a fire. It made a lot of smoke though and the air is all smoky along the mountains now.

I went to the 99 cent store to buy some oranges because you can get a bag of 99 cents. When I was standing in line I saw Rocky Road dark chocolate candy bars. I LOVE marshmallow candy bars. I bought 6 of them because they are so hard to find. When I got home I grabbed one to eat. I noticed on the side that it said mint flavored. I do not like mint flavored chocolate very much and now I have 6 mint flavor candy bars. I ate one and the mint is not too strong but it is not my favorite. Those candy bars are going to last a long time around here.


I do have a couple of chocolate ones though. Those are my favorite. The Hershey’s special dark with almonds are really good too.

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