Sunset sky

The sky was cloudy last night. We went out to eat at Harrah’s casino buffet. Oh, the food was so good and it is half off for locals. I told my husband I was going to buy a steak for each for us and they were $12 a pound. The buffet costs $10 each and it is all you can eat with your drink and dessert included. They had prime rib that was so good and tender. Yummm. I had a baked potato, prime rib, a bowl of clam chowder soup, a roll and then I got a piece of pecan pie and a wonderful cup of coffee and 2 crème brulee. I love that stuff. So….when we were driving home the sky became so colorful from the sun going down. First it was yellow and grey and so pretty.


Then it started turning pink and orange and the shapes of the clouds were amazing. I stood in the parking lot of a store just taking pictures. The sky changes constantly.


The light around the dark cloud is so orange.

img_0019 The clouds went on and on, turning circular and beautiful.

My new painting.

Tonight I went to a painting class. It is offered by a new business called Canvas Junkies.

I saw it beside the Domino pizza place last month. I came home and looked it up online. They have a calendar that shows what they are going to paint and then you book the class online. They provide everything, the canvas, paint, an instructor who tells you how to paint the picture. There were a lot of people there to paint the painting. It was a lake picture of Lake Tahoe. I liked the picture.

You watch what she paints and you paint it. It is fun but you really have to pay attention to how she does it and try to recreate it. Every one does it different. It is hard to mix the paint to the exact same color she makes it, but in the end it does not matter because nobody will see her painting, just yours.

It gives me an ideal about how to paint one of mountains and rocks if I want to do one on my own. It was a fun evening out. I took a picture of the painting but the dark color does not show up as dark in a picture. I framed my painting because I had a frame to fit it. I hung it up. I am going to sign up for another picture in a couple of weeks.


Weekly photo challenge: H2o

The Weekly photo challenge is H2o.

I thought about this picture. I grabbed a vase I bought in January at Quartzite, AZ. They sell all kinds of neat stuff there. This is a stone vase that I think is beautiful. It is so heavy that it was bending the shelf over my TV where I had it, so I had to move it. I took it to the kitchen and turned on the water at the kitchen sink and took pictures of the water spilling out of the vase. Who knew that there are so many bubbles in the water. The camera captured them. I think it looks neat.


This next picture is from the train trip I took in Colorado. The train followed a river so I took lots of pictures of the water.


Weekly photo challenge: Nostalgia

The Weekly photo challenge is Nostalgia.

What better item for Nostalgia than an old steam engine train from 1923. We just got back from a vacation. We went to Durango, Colorado. We bought tickets to go on the coal steam train to Silverton, CO. It is an all day trip. The tracks are not as wide as regular train tracks.

The seats are smaller too so it is kind of uncomfortable to squeeze into that seat with someone for 7 hours. The train really rocks and lunges and it is hard to walk to the next car, the concession car. They sold a cup with a lid for all the refills you want for $8.50. The trick was walking from one car to the next with the drink in your hand. I needed to hang on so I pushed the drink into my sweatshirt pocket.


When you go to step on the ramp, the ramp shifts quickly from side to side and it scares me. It seemed like the concession car really rocked so it was really hard to stand while waiting to be waited on. I got hot chocolate, which tasted really good, but so hot. The second serving I got, the lady put a little ice in it for me. It was much better to drink.

The train had to stop a couple of times to fill up with water. This is the train stopped, filling up with water. The water was spilling over the sides of the train car.


We stopped at Silverton, CO for 2 and a half hours. We got there a little after noon. We walked around this old town. The streets are dirt and mud. They  only had 1 paved street. We found this old saloon, restaurant and went in and ate lunch. We had the best lunch ever in that  place.


I even walked up to engine and had my picture taken beside it. The thing spews out ash, when I got home I had chunks of ash in my hair. It was cold and raining so I bought a sweatshirt that said Silverton, CO and put it on over my t-shirt and then also had on a zip up sweatshirt. It is 9,000 feet high in Silverton.


It was a fun, but long day. When we got off the train for lunch, the conductor said that people that were taking the bus back could catch it at 3:oo pm. We didn’t know that you could take the bus back. I would have done that. The train goes 20 miles per hour. It is so slow.



The last post I mentioned the rocks all over the beach in Washington. I am putting up a picture of them. This is just a picture of a few. There were thousands of them, all sizes. I didn’t get a picture of the hundreds of trees. There were more along the shoreline. I did get a little bit by the water.

The rocks are all round and some are flat and smooth. They come in all sizes. There were lots of people walking around looking down at the rocks.  They would find what struck their fancy and put it in their pocket. I looked all over for a heart shaped rock. I didn’t find one. I did find one that was spotted. I put it on a big rock and took a picture of it.

I didn’t keep it. I left it there for someone else to see it. I did pick up a couple of flat rocks to take home to paint a picture on it, but I put them back. A sign said “Do not take anything.” I guess that even means rocks.



Weekly photo challenge: Edge

The weekly photo challenge is Edge.

We went to Washington to the Olympic National Park . We drove over to the ocean side. It is covered with lots and lots of grey rocks and thousands of trees, big, huge trees have washed up all over the shore. The ocean is powerful, full of waves. The wind blows over you and gives you a chill. I sat of this big tree and took the picture. It was hard to walk over the millions of round, smooth rocks, all grey.


Then we drove over to the rain forest part. I took a picture of the river at the edge of the road. It was foggy and drizzling rain.



We went to Yosemite National Park for 3 days. I have tried for years to book a camp site but they were always booked. It is hard to get in there. One night I looked at the reservation site and got one night. I booked it. Then I kept checking and we got two more nights at two different campgrounds. The first one at Hodgdon Meadow. This was a couple of weeks ago and the weather was hot. The campgrounds have no electricity or any hookups. We didn’t bring an extra car, just our motorhome. We should have brought the car. It was very hot in the motorhome. It was 90 degrees outside. Hodgdon Meadow was just a plain campground, nothing to do. The next day I got a campsite in Crane Flat. It is at 6,2oo feet so it was a little bit cooler, not much. When we went to the booth to sign in we told the ranger that some campgrounds were just awful. He said this one was probably the worse. I thought he was joking. He was not. He said the sites were steep and uneven and awful to park on. We drove to our site. It was loop 300 site 305. It was hard to pull into. The trees were so close together and you had to back in between these trees and then try to swing around to the flatter part. It had pot holes and ditches and very uneven. My husband moved the RV around 3 times trying to get it a little level.


We had to use the jacks to get the tires way off the ground to make it a little level. They have generator hours. The two trailers next to us just ignored those hours. They let the generator run all day. The ranger came to tell them to turn them off. After the ranger left they turned them back on till 8:oo at night. The guy had a commercial generator in the back of his truck and it was really loud. There is no cell phone service in Yosemite at the upper part where we were. I could not call to even report them. That got on my nerves with all the generator noise. I walked a long ways uphill to the next loop to find the campground host. It was all uphill and it got dark so I had to use a little flashlight. When I found her, she was not there. By the time I got back, the guy had turned off the generator. That was good. It finally cooled off when it got dark.

The last night we had a site at the North Pines campground on the Valley floor. The sites are very close together and was very hard to back into. The nice thing about the Valley floor campgrounds, there are busses you can take that take you all over the valley. They are air conditioned too. I just wanted to ride the bus to stay cool. We went to the lodge and ate in the restaurant. It is very expensive to eat in there, but hubby said “We are never going to be back here, so let’s eat there.”


It is beautiful inside. I thought the ceiling candle lights looked like Hogwarts in the Harry potter movies. We then went to the visitor center and watched the movie about the park. Checked out the gift shop and grocery store and got a t-shirt. We stopped to go to the water fall, my son walked the path to see it and came back and said “There is no water fall. The water is all dried up. Darn, I wanted to go see that water fall. We finally went back to the campground. It was hot in the RV. My son didn’t want to stay there and asked us to drive home. We decided to leave. On the way out of the park you have to go back up to the higher elevation. My husband wanted to find another campground at the higher elevation because he didn’t want to drive home in the dark for 6 hours. We found a nice camp ground just out of the park at 9,500 feet. It was so nice. It was small and quiet and cold out. It had a little river that ran right beside us. The best campground ever. We slept great, no noise except the sound of the river. This is what it looks like in the daytime.

DSCN1642 (2).JPG

When we got home I told my husband that I wanted an electric bicycle to use to ride to the trash cans or to  pay for the sites. It is a long walk to go pay after you park the RV. I found this electric scooter that I ordered from Sears. It will go up to 18 MPH but I won’t go fast on it. It will be better than walking for a mile, uphill. I get it next week. It folds up so I can put it in storage area in the motorhome. I can’t wait to try it out. It is called an Uber Scoot scooter 500 watt.





My new packing cubes

I saw a video of this woman who packed 100 pieces of clothes into packing cubes and put them all in a tall looking duffel bag but it stood up. She had all kinds of clothes, clothes on racks and clothes on two beds. She rolled them up. I thought “Wow”. I looked on Amazon and ordered me a set of packing cubes. They are not huge but they are big enough to pack and lay in a suitcase. I ordered the biggest size I could find. 2 Large Cubes (16.15 x 11.4 x 4.3 inches) & 1 Extra-Large Cubes (17.8 x 13.1 x 5.3 inches) & 1 Medium Cubes:(13.05 x 9.9 x 3.15 inches) There are lots and lots of cubes on there. I got the Hopsooken 5 pc packing cubes. They come in lots of colors, but I got the green ones. I LOVE green. They are the color of a green apple.


The material is like a nylon. You know how the material feels on an umbrella, it feels like that but a thicker feel. They are very light weight. I packed them to see what I could put in them. If you wear small sizes you can put more in than I did. I watched several videos on how to pack the most clothes and they roll them. One guy rolled them tight and put rubber bands on them. I didn’t, I just rolled them. In the biggest one I put 7 pairs of jeans in it.


It zips up nice. It would obviously hold a lot more shorts if it is hot. I just wanted to see how many jeans I could put in it.


I put 9 t-shirts and 1 pair of black shorts in this one. It is a little bit smaller than the first size with the jeans. The black shirt laying on the mesh part, I just laid over the t-shirts and zipped it up. I would not need 9 shirts but I wanted to see what I could get in the case.


This is the same size as the shirt one. I put socks, underwear, night shirts and a pair of soft lounge pants. I just packed in like 9 underwear and laid in the socks. You could probably put in more if you rolled them. By this time I was done rolling stuff.


I had one small case left so I just put stuff in it to see what would fit. I put a swimsuit, bras, glasses, brush and big bottle of aspirin and a flashlight and 1 more nightshirt.

It also comes with a little zip up bag they say is for laundry. That is a joke. It is so small you could not put dirty clothes in it. You could maybe fit one pair of shoes in it. I put my Kindle in it. The one with the brush would probably fit in a backpack if you wanted to save room in your suitcase for other things. The t-shirt one could fit in a carry on bag if you wanted to take a change of clothes on the plane, in case your luggage gets lost.



Seagull catches crab in ocean.

We went on a vacation in our motorhome. I wanted to go to Oregon to see the Multnomah water fall (another post coming soon). Oregon is so green and full of trees. The beaches are cold and windy. The waves are big and strong. They carry up a lot of trees on the beach. They have signs that say Beware of the sneaker waves. I was afraid that a sneaker wave would just come up and wash me away. I didn’t see any but I didn’t go by this giant rock because one minute you could see the sand around it and the next minute it had water around it. I did walk close to it. The sand was wet and had water running over it. There were thousands of these bug things that would dive into the sand and disappear fast. We saw a seagull dive into the water and catch a crab. It was fighting with the crab and flipped it over and pecked at it and ate it.

DSCN1587 (2)u.jpg

I walked over to it and the bird dropped it and waited for me to go away. I took a picture of it. Poor crab, it was already dead.

DSCN1593 (2)u.jpg


My husband panned for gold but did not find any gold at the beach.

DSCN1594 (2).JPG

This was at low tide. You can’t get to these rocks at high tide. I didn’t see any starfish. The lady at the visitor center said it has to be a minus tide to find them. It was not a minus tide.

I did find a rock at one Oregon beach that was at another beach in Washington. I left it there but took the picture. It reminds me of a happy face.

DSC_0019 (2)

Photo Challenge: Look Up

Yesterday my son said “Go out and take a picture of the clouds.” It was almost dark and I didn’t see any colorful clouds.  My son said “Look up.” I looks up and there was this giant cloud, strange looking. Like it was just floating there. It was smooth and had a rounded part.


Off in the distance were these grey circle shaped clouds.




To join in the photo challenge go here.

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