Friday Flash 55

  “Bartender, make me a strong drink, Long Island Ice tea.”  It was a tough week at work.  Friday was the time to unwind.  She told the bartenter, “I got a new red bra on.”  He  set a really tall drink in front of her.  “You have a red bra on?” he asked.  “Yeah, wanna see?”

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Rocky Point

When I was dating my husband, we would go on road trips.  We once went to Organ Pipe  Cactus National Monument.  Organ Pipe is at the bottom of the state of Arizona, right on the Mexican border.  we would stay in the campground.  The campground is covered in cactus.  They have a camp space covered in concrete, but all around the concrete are different cactus.  The famous Saguaro cacti grows there.  It is a beautiful cactus, tall and has arms that stick out. 

We would go hiking around all the trails or drive around them.  You never want to go in the summer time, it is very hot there.  It does get really cold there in December.  It is nice at the first half of November.  It it nice up to Thanksgiving and then like a switch, it turns cold at night.  Anyway we wanted to drive over in Mexico.  We had a gun in our truck because you are so close to the border, just for protection.  We never even got it out.  We asked the border patrol, if we wanted to drive over into Mexico, do they have a lock box that you can put your gun in.  It is illegal to bring a gun into Mexico.  If they stop you and search your car, you will get arrested.  They didn’t have a place to put the gun.  They told us to just go out in the desert and bury it.  We drove off this desert road and you have to remember where you went.  It all looks alike.  I think I draw a little map to it.  We went off into the desert, put our gun in a plastic baggie and dug a hole and buried it in the ground by a big cactus.  We then went and got some insurance for our vehicle, I think you can buy it for one day.  We then drove over into Mexico.  You have to stop at their vehicle inspection station.  They want to look in your car.  We had a truck with a topper on the back full of our camping stuff.  We had a foam bed to lay on and all the stuff was under it.  Clothes, Coleman stove, water, probably gold panning equipment, we used to look for gold.  Anyway it was stuffed, to the max.  The Mexican border guard said to open up the back and we did.  He asked what all that stuff was and we told him.  He didn’t want to pull it all out so he said, “OK, go on.”  We then drove about 100 miles to Rocky Point.  It is a small town.  We got out and walked around and had a Corona beer and we found this little stand that made fish tacos.  It was this woman making them right there on the sidewalk with her grill and ice chest.  It was the best fish tacos I have ever eaten.  I had this mink vest on.  It was kind of cold.  I had gotten this vest at a store like Big Lots, that was way way marked down.  It was so pretty though, all out of mink.  I think the Mexicans all thought I was rich.  It was like $30 for that vest.  We walked all around and looked into the little shops and went into this restaurant on the water and had a margarita.  We then bought a metal sun and then drove back to Arizona.  It was an absolute wonderful day.  We had no problem getting back over the border.  We then went and found our gun and dug it up.  It was still there.

Do you know the gingerbread man?

I made Gingerbread cookies. They turned out cute. —–>
I did the one with the black shoes. The black shoes was from icing that I bought from the store. It comes in a little tube for writing on a cake. Well, I put it on the cookie for the eyes and shoes and fingertips. The rest of the icing, I made a royal icing. You just take powdered egg whites and powdered sugar and mix it up and make it a little thin. Then just spread it on the cookie or pipe it on. I only had one bag so I just piped on the white. I think it would be easier it you had a bag for each color, but I didn’t buy but one bag. The black icing did not ever dry, it was always sticky and smeared, so don’t use that. I didn’t want to make a black icing, so I would suggest doing the shoes in a different color, unless you want to make black, which I think would be a hard color to make. You just use store bought food coloring. I made a video but I have to edit it, so come back in a few days if you want to see the video. My son thinks the cookies are too pretty to eat. He ate one last night and I said I wanted one. He said “No, I want to eat them.” He gave me the arms off his cookie. His favorite color is yellow, so I made him a couple of yellow cookies. I have a store bought box with a bear cookie cutter, so I will have to make those too.

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