New Sunglasses

Whenever I go into Wal-Mart……which is a lot because I am always going there to buy bread for my son.  We used to buy bread at Fry’s but they changed their bread.  The shrunk it.  It is so small, it is not worth even making a sandwich out of it.  My son only likes white sandwich bread.  One day I got out a piece of this 12 grain bread to make some toast.  The piece was huge.  I got out a piece of the Fry’s sandwich bread and you could have put up 3 pieces of it to make one slice of the 12 grain bread.  I finally came upon the Wal-Mart, white sandwich bread that my son likes. 

SO anyway……I notice the vision center in Wal-mart and the sign that says Glasses for $38.  I just could not believe it.  Today I actually stopped in and asked them if you really could get a pair of glasses for $38.  I need a pair of prescription sunglasses.  I have some of those clip on sunglasses, but they are such a pain in the butt to put over my glasses.  Plus it makes my glasses so heavy to wear. 

The clerk said that yes you can have a pair of glasses for $38, plus $10 for tint and $10 for UV coating.  She even told me they are coated with a scratch proof coat.  I guess if makes them less scratch resistant. 

I decided to go to the Wal-Mart store that was close to my residence.  We drive to it and I go in and tell the clerk there that I want the $38 glasses made into sunglasses.

She just looked at me, like I was not worth her time.  She said “Well those will cost you $80 and they will not have the scratch resistant coating on them.”

“But I just went to the Happy Wal-mart 10 miles down the street and they told me they cost $58 and have the scratch coating stuff on it too.”

She said “Oh, no that is not right, but I will check, I don’t know where they got their information.”  She got on her computer and after a while she said “Oh, I guess you can get it for $20 more, but not the scratch coating.  You have to get one of those $9 frames.” as she pointed at the wall. 

So I go over to the $9 frames and pick out a wire one and take it over to her.  Meanwhile she is helping another man, so I wait and wait and wait to be helped.  I get out my prescription card and tell her to also take a reading on my glasses to see what they read.  She said the card was not right, that she would have to call the doctor.  I told her to call TN because that is where I had my eyes examined.  She called them and they said they would fax the prescription.  She could not take a reading from my glasses and use that.  I told her I would be back tomorrow.

I got home and decided to call the Happy Wal-mart and they told me that the scratch coating did come on all glasses.

I then called the Wal-Mart back with the grumpy clerk.  A guy answered the phone.  I was about to cancel coming in tomorrow with them, but I told him what the Happy Wal-mart said and what the woman that works there had said.

He said, “Yes we do give you the scratch coating and I do have the fax of your prescription.”

I went in and paid him $58 for the sunglasses to be made.  He even pointed at the sign with the $38 glasses price.  It said “All glasses have scratch coating (or something like that.. I don’t remember the exact line.)  He said he would have a talk with the lady.  He thanked me for choosing his store to get my glasses.  I will get them next week…….I hope.