Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV (point of view).

The Weekly photo challenge is An unusual point of view.
Go out and take photos and share a shot that reveals a new and different POV. •Get low on the ground to take a picture from a very different angle.
•Focus on a specific part of a person, object, or structure.

My son wanted this bike. It has HUGE tires. He has a regular size tire bike, but he was always falling on it because of the gears. This bike has no gears to mess with and huge tires grip the road good.
I wanted to take a picture of the huge tires. It gets everyone’s attention when they see it.
This next picture is stuff I bought today at the 99 cent store for Halloween. I decorate a tree outside for Halloween and I just could not pass up this stuff to tie on my tree next month. They also had this bottle that says ARSENIC POISON and it has a skull and cross bones. The bottle is empty and I thought it would be cool to put my olive oil in it. I put the bottle on the table and when my son came home from school I said “See what I bought you today.”
He said “You bought me poison, gee thanks Mom.” I am thoughtful that way.
or another POV in Neon.
I need to go see what everyone did for this challenge.