Snow in Arizona….yes it did

It rained for the past two days here in Phoenix, Arizona.  Right now it is just after midnight and it is 38 degrees.  I am too lazy to look up the symbol for degrees…but it is bugging me I will go look it up.  OK it is 38º F.  (It is alt 167 press the alt and number pad at the same time.)  ☺

It snowed today, several times.  Lots of little flurries flying through the sky.  It was really windy too.  It didn’t stick to the ground though.  The mountains were all covered in white at the top.  (click pictures to view bigger if you want to.)

 The road, Hwy I17 to Flagstaff was closed last night.  It was really pouring down rain and thundering and lightening all night here.  I woke up with a headache.  When it rains bad, I have a headache.  My ear was also hurting.  I could not hear real well.  It felt like there was fluid behind my eardrum.  Probably from the air pressure outside.  I would hold my nose and blow to try to pop my ear, but it didn’t work.  It was awful.  It was like I was under water trying to hear things.  I took two Sudafed tablets and it didn’t help.  I finally took a hot shower and just let the hot water run over my head and I could finally pop my ears.  I took two more Sudafed tablets and it made it better.  I can now hear.  The fluid must have drained.  I think it has stopped raining and snowing and the pressure must be better because I do feel better now.  I like watching it snow, even if it was a fleeting glimpse.

Now that is a tall Christmas tree.

The Outlet store mall had a giant pine tree brought in to be put up.  It is supposed to be the biggest Christmas tree in the United States.  They have been decorating it and they are going to have a lighting of the tree Nov. 20th.  I can’t wait to see it lit up.  It is as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

As we were going by, I took a picture of it from my truck.  I will get pictures when it is lit up. 

   If you want to read about it, just search United States tallest Christmas tree 2010.  I didn’t get the link to it.  

I think it is sad for the poor tree though.  How many years does it take to grow that tall, and in the blink of a eye…..well OK, maybe more than one blink, probably a whole bunch of blinks… was cut down and dragged on a truck to the desert.  Just to stand there and look pretty for a little while. 

Snakey in the closet with diamonds.

He read that in order to kill germs on your sheets, you must have the hot water around 140F.  He decided to raise the temperature on the hot water heater.  The hot water heater is right outside the door, in a locked closet.  We don’t open the door very often. 

He opened to door and saw something on the floor.  It was coiled up and not moving, it was asleep.  He closed the door.

“There is a snake in the water heater closet outside.  Go tell the office.”      So I go over to the office.  Now the girl at the office is kind of a bitch.  She always acts all snooty.  I go in there and say “There is a rattle snake in the closet where the water heater is.”  I didn’t know if they knew what to do about it.  She just looked at me and said “Call the police.” 

She didn’t say “Really, well be careful, they are dangerous, how big is it, is everyone OK”……No she said “Well you better call 911”.  She didn’t really care.  I then walked home and hubby had the door open and he took a broom and pulled out the snake.  He had it pinned under the broom.  I am all scared.  It was a young Western Diamondback Rattle Snake.  It was all sticking it’s head up in the air and kept striking the broom and biting at it, over and over. 

“Run to the garage and get something to hit it with.”       I go to the garage and I could only find a rake.  When I came back he said “A rake, that is no good.”  He killed it with the broom.  I didn’t want that rattlesnake hanging around my front door.  My son leaves for the school bus from that door.  We looked it up on the internet.  There are a lot of different kinds of rattlesnakes.  They are all venomous. 

It scared me just looking at pictures of them on the internet. 

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