This is the rocks I have painted.

So far I have painted 4 rocks. I painted the one with a rooster for a friend. I sent it to him. It cost $7.15 just to send it. I don’t think I will be sending rocks to people anymore. But he is sick and I wanted to cheer him up. It cost less than flowers to send. This is what I painted. After my friend saw it she asked me to paint her a rock. I am going to paint a heart with dots. It is called a mandella rock. Not sure how that will turn out, but I found a heart shaped rock. She has been my friend for 43 years. I can’t turn her down.


I then painted two small rocks for Christmas. You paint the head on one and the body on a little bit bigger rock. I painted Santa. I love it. It is only 3″ long. You can put magnets on the back and  put them on your fridge.


I count that as 2 rocks. The next rock I love. I make it spooky. I found a rock and painted it like a book. I painted an eye and put puff paint for the blood tear coming out of the eye. I used colored pencil to color in the front of the book. I will show more as I do them.


Another painting

I signed up for another painting. I love the Vincent Van Gogh painting Starry Night.

I looked on the class schedule for paintings they are going to teach. The place that I go to had the Starry Night painting. Well their version of it. It is pretty hard to paint in 3 hours. I think I might work on it at home a little more but I had to hurry along. The teacher painted it really fast, so there I am trying to mix the paint like her colors and by the time I do that she is almost done with her part so I am just splotching on paint as fast as I can but she is moving on to the next step and I am not done with the part she just showed……it is very stressful. I don’t think I will paint another picture there for a while.

Here it is though, I framed it because I used to live in Florida and I painted a lot of pictures and bought frames for them. I have a lot of frames. I might just repaint another one and take my time and do it better, not rushed. I may do it in oil. This is acrylic. I like oil because you can put more texture into painting.


My new painting.

Tonight I went to a painting class. It is offered by a new business called Canvas Junkies.

I saw it beside the Domino pizza place last month. I came home and looked it up online. They have a calendar that shows what they are going to paint and then you book the class online. They provide everything, the canvas, paint, an instructor who tells you how to paint the picture. There were a lot of people there to paint the painting. It was a lake picture of Lake Tahoe. I liked the picture.

You watch what she paints and you paint it. It is fun but you really have to pay attention to how she does it and try to recreate it. Every one does it different. It is hard to mix the paint to the exact same color she makes it, but in the end it does not matter because nobody will see her painting, just yours.

It gives me an ideal about how to paint one of mountains and rocks if I want to do one on my own. It was a fun evening out. I took a picture of the painting but the dark color does not show up as dark in a picture. I framed my painting because I had a frame to fit it. I hung it up. I am going to sign up for another picture in a couple of weeks.


Girl painted on t-shirt

I painted the t-shirt girl.I used red nail polish for her hair and put some glitter red puff paint on the hair too. I smeared the brown puff paint on the leg, but I will try to fix it when it dries. I used acrylic paint for the rest of it. It is hard to paint of material, it moves. But I like how it turned out. My husband wants me to paint a zombie on a t-shirt for my son. It is just a fun way to take a $6 shirt and make it custom.

I added some rhinestones to the flowers in her hand and on her belt. The corner birds are just something I added on pic-monkey when I resized the picture for here.



I bought a new t-shirt. It is white and was just plain. I decided to paint a picture on it. I got out my pencil and drew this girl. I saw a picture that had a girl standing by a big monster. I didn’t want to draw the monster, so I drew her holding a gun that shoots flowers. I used puff paints. I like how it gives added texture to the paint.

Darth Maul drawing.

I have been watching Star Wars, Clone Wars with my son on Cartoon Network.  They are like the last animated Star Wars movie.  The mad guy in the show looks kind of like Darth Maul.  The main witch lady told him that he should go look for his brother.  Then they show the brother’s face in a crystal ball.  It is the face of Darth Maul. 

So today I drew Darth Maul for day 23.

Tiger picture

I drew a tiger today.  I love Walk the Wilderness blog.    They always take beautiful pictures of animals.  I saw this tiger just standing there, with it’s back to the camera.  I really liked it, so I thought, I will draw that on my calendar.  Now my drawing in not exactly like the picture, there was not enough room in my square on the calendar.

This is day 16 picture.

I went to the store today and bought some paint so I  painted this one with paint.

Yesterday I drew this picture from a shampoo bottle.  It is watermelon shampoo and it has this dog with some watermelon.   I used color pencil, markers, and puff paint on this one.


This is the calendar so far.  The 8th one, I painted over.  I drew a picture and my son hated it.  So I covered it over. When I first started the calendar drawings, I just scribbled the pictures on there.  No I take it off the wall and do a better job.  I am not going to draw a picture tomorrow.  I already wrote on that space months ago.

Today’s picture: Wonder Woman

I checked out this book at the library.  Well actually it is a book on CD.  It was a big box.  The name of it is Brisingr.  It is about this dragon and a rider in some world.  I read the first book  Eragon, by Christopher Paolini,  years ago.  That is a really good book.  I bought the second book, Eldest, but I have not read it.  The third book is Brisingr.  I saw it at the library and thought I would like to listen to it.  I brought it home and saw it was 23 cd discs long.  I put in the first one and just did not want to sit and listen to it.  I think I like reading them myself, with my own voice in my head.  I did not listen to anymore of the CD’s.  I took them back.  I think I will read the second book and then read the 3rd one later.  

So yesterday I drew the picture of the dragon that was on the cover of the cd’s. 

Today I drew Wonder Woman. 

The other day I watched this game show.  One of the questions was Who used the lasso of truth?  These people were supposed to pick from 4 answers and place money on it to win.  The question was “What superhero has not had a movie made of them in the last 10 years.  The other 3 questions, the people knew.  The lasso of truth, they did not know.  I am sitting there yelling at the TV, “It was Wonder Woman.”  They put their money on that question, even though they didn’t know who it was.  The answer was right, it was Wonder Woman.

Then my son got this gamer magazine in the mail yesterday.  I opened it up to look at it and they had this big picture drawn of Wonder Woman.   This is the second time in two days that I heard or saw Wonder Woman.  So I went to my calendar and drew Wonder Woman, or my version of her in the day 13 box.

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