My thoughts on Red Robin and Thumbs up on Yummy Range House Restaurant

Red Robin

The other day we went across town to this nice shopping area. They have a lot of new stores and it is designed in the new style, pretty buildings, lots of restaurants. We were hungry so we decided to go to Red Robin. It is new here in town. I have been to them before, but never here.  

It does have high prices for the food.  I took the picture at the top of this post because they have these big yellow pipes all over the ceiling and pretty hanging down lights in different colors.  Lots of pictures on the wall.  They have this big picture of baseballs that looks like a flag.  It is actual baseballs.

       <——This is the baseball flag.  I read that they are specially made for Red Robin.  You could probably make one.  Go to Red Robin and take a picture and count the baseballs.  Paint some blue and some red.  I bet it would cost a lot to buy that many baseballs.

We ordered a chili burger.  It was $11 and each coke is $2.28.  It really irks me that they charge $2.28 for a drink.  I can buy a whole 12 pack of cola for the same price, which would equal 24 glasses, by the time you put in ice, then factor in an extra 15 percent for that drink.  (tip).  equals $2.62.  so 3 drinks is $7.86, more than a case of coke which is $5 a case at Wal-Mart.  

The chili burger was described as an open faced burger with lots of chili poured over the burger.  My husband and I decided to spit the burger because for $11, that thing should be huge.  I told the waitress to bring an extra plate because we were going to spit the burger. 

Now they have a sign on the table that you get endless fries.  They do give you oodles (lots)  of fries.  She did bring two plates and they cut the burger in half and put one half on each plate.  They didn’t put much chili on it, about a spoon of chili on each half.  There were a lot of  fries.  The burger was not very big either.  All in all, I would not go back.  I can get a burger like that cheaper at other places.  The drinks were too expensive and they didn’t come back and give me a refill.  I will never go back there, not that great for the price.

We found a better burger restaurant the other day.  Range House Restaurant.  It is new, just opened up.  So we went in there to try their hamburger.  We ordered the Ranger Burger.  It is $3.65 for a double patty, double cheese burger.  For $6.85 (I think) you get fries and a giant drink.  It is the best burger in the WORLD…….well maybe not the world, but my world (Knoxville, TN). 

Update:  Since I have moved to the West, in Arizona……they don’t have a Range House Restaurant.  (so sad.)

But they have Claim Jumpers.  They have the best burgers.  They cost as much as Red Robin, but they are so good.

Another place that is really good is Fat Burger. 
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