Sunday post: Black & white

Jakesprinter has Sunday post and today is use a picture Black and white.

The other day, an old picture fell out of this box I was unpacking.

We lived Las Vegas, NV. My father liked to drive out to these old mines out in the middle of nowhere. There would be old rusted out iron things for mines. He had an old 1954 pickup. My sister and I would have to sit in the back of the pickup truck, because my brother would sit up front with my father. I remember the hot wind blowing my hair into knots and tangles. I am the one on the left. I think it was in 1971, or around that year. We would go peer into these old mines, usually a very deep hole in the ground with old dry rotted boards across the top. I was afraid to go too close, so I would not fall in.

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