Weekly photo challenge: The world through your eyes

Weekly photo challenge: The world through your eyes.


In my world, I made chocolate chip muffins. I found this recipe on the internet called Bakery style chocolate chip muffins. I have been buying chocolate chip muffins at the grocery store for $4. I thought I could make them at home. So I made them. They turned out looking great. They did not taste great, not like the grocery store ones. (sigh.)

Also in my world I can make my picture look any way I want. Today I wanted to be blue, like in the movie Avatar.
Here I am in blue.

I also love this blue song.

Weekly photo challenge: Blue

The weekly photo challenge is Blue. (I was wondering what happened, it was not posted this weekend.)

I saw this cloud in the sky yesterday. The sky is blue. The cloud reminded me of the shape of hair.

I love playing the slots on Facebook. I can play for free and get virtual money. I hit a big jackpot on this one game last night. It would have been an even better jackpot if the blue (or green) did not pop up in the rows of diamonds. I never get this lucky on real jackpots in the casinos. I wish it were real money.

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