White Cloud campground, CA

My husband wanted to drive a loop in California to forest campgrounds. The loop starts at I80 and road 20. We got on 20 and saw a campground so we went to check it out. The road was narrow and twisty and turned with trees so close to the road it made it hard to drive with the motorhome. Tree limbs were scraping down the side. We slowly got thru it and left. All the campsites were un level or taken. 

We went further and saw White Cloud campground. We found a nice camp site. It was level and huge. We stayed the night there. The only thing to do is build a campfire. There is no power. So we had a nice campfire.

DSCN0726 (2)ru




We drove the next day looking for campgrounds but they were all awful, small, un-level. We just drove home.

Sink canyon state park in Wyoming

I am not going to put my places on my trip in order. I have been to so many beautiful places this summer. This is one of them. Sinks Canyon State Park features a geologic phenomenon in which the Popo Agie River vanishes into a large cavern (the Sinks) but reappears in a trout- filled pool, the Rise, about half a mile down the canyon. These trout live a leisurely life, with no fishing allowed.

We were on our way to Yellowstone and stopped at Sink Canyon state park for the night.  

We went to the last campground which is in the National forest area. It was right beside a river and no one was around. I like those campgrounds.

DSCN0560u (2)ru



The river was right beside us.


We had a nice campfire.


I didn’t see any bears. (See bear box in picture.)

This is the river going into a cave.


My son walked in the cave, they have a trail to it. I didn’t go.

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