Shopping and Frozen pizza

Today we went to Wal-Mart to pick up one item. We left the store with  $110 worth of stuff.  We walked over for some eye drops and I got a box of stuff to clean my son’s ears.  That was $6.  They say to never put q-tips in your ears, so how do you clean out your ears.  I got this foamy stuff, it says it will soften your ear wax and then you can clean them out with the bulb thing.  Now I only have to get my son to lay down and let me put it into his ears.  He will go “No way, I don’t want that.”,  and I will have to insist that he lets me do it.  Fun, fun awaits me. (That is me being sarcastic, by the way.) So then I go down the aisle with the cooking utensils and I get a bowl and some spoons and spatulas, and I found a brush to brush on butter onto my tortillas.  That is my new thing. I like to butter a tortilla, put it in the microwave oven for 15 seconds and eat it with curry chicken that I make.  I wrote a post about the curry sauce I buy. 

Well, we went to the food aisle and bought some food.  I made hubby buy this carton of eggs that was clear plastic, so I could use it for my paint, when I paint my calendar.  Most egg cartons are paper. 

I saw this frozen pizza, it is chicken, bacon and ranch dressing pizza.  I bought it.  When we came home, I put it in the oven and cooked it.  We sat down to eat it.  Hubby took a bite and put the pizza back down.  He grabbed a coupon, that came today, for Del Taco.  He left and came back with a nacho platter with cheese and tomatoes and taco meat, all over the top.  We ate that for dinner.

So much for chicken, bacon ranch dressing pizza.  It was not very good.  I don’t know why I bought it.  I hate frozen pizza.  I love Domino’s pizza.  The best one is their new vegetarian pizza.  It is SO GOOD.  I will never buy frozen pizza again.


Here are the pictures I drew on the calendar for the last 2 days. 

The 18th is an abstract picture.

The 19th is my version of someone else’s version of Mona Lisa.    (I know it is confusing.  I saw the original by Botero.  I drew my picture out pretty fast, so it is not exactly like his.)

I puffed out her cheeks on photobucket.  I like using their edit tools on photos.  I did it for the blog.  The calendar picture is not so puffy.

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