Chicken and sausage with blackberry reduction sauce.

I was watching the Food Network Sandra Lee show. See recipe for the chicken and sausage with blackberry reduction sauce. She made this recipe and it looked so good so I went to the store to get the stuff to make it. This is what I made.
I bought chicken sausage. It is the sweet Italian seasoned one. It tasted so good. I saw fresh blackberries so I bought those to make the sauce. Use the frozen ones. There was not much juice in the fresh ones. I was lucky to get 3 spoons of sauce. The black berries splashed purple all over my stove, it was a real mess to clean. On the TV show Sandra has a all white kitchen, white stove and she was wearing all white.
There she is cooking those blackberries on her white stove. She is clean, not one purple splotch in sight. My whole stove was purple, dotted, spotted.
I cooked the chicken in a stainless steel pan. My husband bought some new stainless steel pans, plus Sandra cooked her chicken in one. It got the whole pan black. It took me an hour to scrub that pan clean. My husband complained because there was hardly any sauce. I went back to watch the show on Sandra cooking it. She ended up with almost a whole cup of sauce. I got about less than 1/4 cup maybe closer to 1/8 cup.
I used zucchini for my veggie and peeled it. She didn’t peel hers and made her cuts long. She also had artichokes on her plate but I could not find any frozen artichokes in any store around here. It tasted really good, but next time I will use frozen black berries like she put in her recipe or even cranberries, that would be good too.

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