Weekly photo challenge: Blue

The weekly photo challenge is Blue. (I was wondering what happened, it was not posted this weekend.)

I saw this cloud in the sky yesterday. The sky is blue. The cloud reminded me of the shape of hair.

I love playing the slots on Facebook. I can play for free and get virtual money. I hit a big jackpot on this one game last night. It would have been an even better jackpot if the blue (or green) did not pop up in the rows of diamonds. I never get this lucky on real jackpots in the casinos. I wish it were real money.

Eyes not shut

It is 2:52 AM, in the morning. I have laid in bed for hours…trying to go to sleep. I ate salmon patties. Something in them is keeping me wide awake. Salmon patties..you ask, what is that. You take a can of salmon and put one egg in it. Crush some crackers, I used about 6 of them. Mix it into the salmon and egg. Put some pepper in the mixture. I put a splash of milk, so it was not so dry. Make a patty and fry it up.

I put it in some canola oil. The stupid oil got hot and started popping all over the place. It popped out of the pan and hit my face. It hit me in the chin and neck. Hot oil popping out of the pan and burning your face is not fun. Hot oil spashing all over the stove and floor is a mess to clean up.

Something about that fish is not agreeing with me. It is keeping me awake. My body probably does not like the mercury that is in the fish. They say mercury is in a lot of fish.

So, I got up and turned on my computer and decided to write a post about my eyes wide open. Wishing I could go to sleep. I have to get up in 3 hours to get my son up for school. I should go back to bed and just close my eyes. Maybe I will eventually go to sleep.

I saw this cloud in the sky the other day. It was shaped very strange. The wind currents from the mountains make the clouds into flat looking clouds.

Maybe that is part of an angels wing, or at least it looks like one.

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