C shaped cloud and a beautiful mountain.

I am always looking at clouds to see the shapes.

I noticed a cloud that was shaped like a C. Since my name starts with a C, I took the picture to see if the cloud did look like a C shape.

I think it does, not a perfect C but somewhat C shape.


I also wanted to share this picture of Mt. Olympus. I love how this one came out.


Photo Challenge: Look Up

Yesterday my son said “Go out and take a picture of the clouds.” It was almost dark and I didn’t see any colorful clouds.  My son said “Look up.” I looks up and there was this giant cloud, strange looking. Like it was just floating there. It was smooth and had a rounded part.


Off in the distance were these grey circle shaped clouds.




To join in the photo challenge go here.

Weekly photo challenge: Harmony

The Weekly photo challenge is Harmony.

Nature is in harmony to produce clouds upon clouds. Clouds build up and produce rain to provide the planet with water. Today the clouds built up and produced different swirls and shapes and then turned all grey and then it rained.

I took a couple of pictures of the clouds. Some looking like puffy pillows, some looking like waves in the air. They were changing constantly.

DSCN1146 (2)u



Weekly photo challenge: Weight (less).

The weekly photo challenge is Weight (less).

This week, share a photo of something marked by its weight — or its air of weightlessness.

I just back from a vacation to Mustang Island state park in Texas. My son is out of school for winter break for 3 weeks. We packed up and drove to Texas.

This is the waves on the Gulf. It was wavy and foggy. Waves are heavy and fog is light and weightless.


Logs are very heavy but they float in the water. Once they land on the sand, water logged, they are very heavy.


Beautiful pink clouds, floating in the sky. The sun going down, making the sky pink and the sand glowing. It was beautiful. As I stood there watching the clouds, it got so colorful with corals and pinks and orange colors covering the whole sky.




Weekly photo challenge: UP

The weekly photo challenge is UP.

I saw this big bird  Up in a tree so I stopped my car. The bird was still sitting there, so I walked over and took a picture.


It was a hawk. When I walked closer, the bird flew away.


I took a picture of some clouds UP in the sky.


Some of the clouds were also by the ground too.

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