I went back to Winco (a huge grocery store here) and bought some pizza dough. I am really excited that I found pizza dough for sale around here. I have been watching this new restaurant down the street, getting ready to open. It is called The Blind Onion. It took them forever to open, but they finally did open. We went there on Friday to try out their pizza. For being a new restaurant, it looked old. They put in mismatched tables and chairs. None of the chairs matched. The floor was stained concrete, not even tiled. All the employees looked disheveled. They didn’t wear matching clothes, like a uniform or logo t-shirts. They had these giant bottles of honey on the tables. I have never thought of putting honey on my pizza. Thoughts of when I was at a restaurant and watching a little girl licking the ketchup bottle and putting it back on the table popped into my head. I did not touch the big bottle of honey because who knows how many children had licked the bottle. They had empty beer cartons on the table holding several bottles of salt and pepper. It took a long time for the pizza to be made. The place started to get really busy, so that is good for them. The pizza was not that good. They folded over the edges so it was really thick and puffy. The pizza crust was not crispy and kind of doughy, not fully cooked. I will never go back to eat there again.

Anyway, I decided to make a pizza last night. I heated the oven to 480 degrees and put in the pizza stone to pre-heat. I rolled out the pizza dough that I had bought at Winco.

I shredded up a ball of mozzarella cheese. I used the pizza sauce that I had bought at Smith’s grocery store. It is their brand, they sell the best pizza sauce. I had bought them all and their brand is the best tasting. I put the sauce on the pizza dough I rolled out. I like a lot of sauce. I put on the cheese, about 8 ounces. I cut up 4 mushrooms and cooked them in butter. I also cooked up a half of red onion. I put on a half of package of mild pepperoni all over the pizza. Put on the mushrooms, and onion. I put on some black sliced olives. I had 3 pieces of bacon, so I tore it in pieces and put on the pizza. I made it on my pizza peel paddle, first putting down some cornmeal, then the dough. I slid the pizza onto my hot pizza stone in the oven. I cooked it for 11 minutes. It was bubbling hot. I got the pizza out of the oven with the wooden peel.

The pizza was so delicious, better than the restaurant. I didn’t take a picture of it. I should have but I was too busy eating it, while it was nice and hot. My kitchen smelled just like a pizza restaurant. The secret is the pizza stone. The next time I make it I will take a picture. It was so good.


Chicken roll-up, stuffed with dried cherries, wrapped in proseiutto

I found a recipe for this chicken at Food Wishes. Chef John makes videos on how to prepair this dish. I love chicken with food rolled up into it, like cranberries or cherries. This is the first time I have used the dried cherries. I made my chicken like Chef John, but changed it a little.

First, take a chicken breast and slice it a little in the middle and fold it over to make it flat. Then cover it with plastic wrap and pound that chicken to flatten it all over, about 1/2″ thick.

You should also make your cherry mixture before this.

1/4 cup plain breadcrumbs

1/3 cup dried cherries, chopped (I used about 1/4 cup)

I used a couple shakes of garlic salt and some italian herbs, a couple shakes. I also took a slice of Jarlsberg cheese and shreddid it. 2 tsp olive oil. 1 egg yolk. Mix it up with a fork.

Now put the stuffing on top of the flattened chicken.

Roll it up.

Tie it up with 4 strings and lay it into your pan to bake it.

Bake it in 400 degree oven for 25 minutes or until the internal temperature is 155 degrees.

OH, the pan should be lightly oiled.

Take it out of the oven and slice it up. I made a little sauce with some chicken stock, salt, pepper and half and half cream, thickened it with corn starch and poured it over the chicken. It tasted really good.

Slow cooked Pork

I cooked the pork shoulder.  I put it in my big cast iron pot, I think it is a 6 qt.  It is covered in porcelain.  I trimmed a lot of the fat off.  One whole side is covered in fat, so I cut that off the best I could.  It still has a lot of fat all through it, but it melts off.  I put a little bit of water in the pan.  You don’t need to do that.  I started cooking it on 250F degrees.  I turned it on about 10PM.  At 4:oo am, I got up to check it.  You could smell it cooking all over the house.  I tried taking it out to the garage, but the plugs didn’t work out there.  I guess something out there tripped the breaker.  So I carried it all back into the kitchen.  I opened the pot.  It had a lot a liquid in it.  The pot was half full of liquid.  I took a lot of the liquid out.  All that fat melts and makes liquid.  I put the pot back in the Nesco and turned the temp down to 225F.  I cooked it until about 10:30 AM the next morning, so it cooked for 12 hours.  I put on rubber gloves and took the pork out of the pot and pulled it all apart and threw away the fat parts.  Shred it up with a fork.  It is fall apart tender.  It turned out really good. 

I put it on toasted bread and poured on BBQ sauce.  I think it

would be better on a bun next time.  You end up with a lot  of meat.

I have been watching Food Network, and they go to a lot of B-B-Q places and they say they all slow cook the pork shoulder.  Now I know how to make some good homemade pulled pork sandwiches.