The Daily Post: Memory

The daily post is Memory.

I wanted to do this because they have a beautiful sketch. It made me remember a day I drew something.

DSC_0002 (3)u

We were¬†visiting my husband’s sister, who lives in Michigan. She had cherry trees and the cherries were all over the tree, red and ripe. She said to get some to take with us. I went out to the trees and picked them off and filled a bag full of delicious, ripe red cherries. I got my sketch paper and laid out some cherries with the leaves and part of the branch and drew it. I then colored it in with color pencils. My sister-in-law liked it so much, she wanted me to draw her a picture of them, so I did. Then she said to draw her a picture of her house. I thought “I don’t really want to draw a house.” So I attempted to draw her house but I just don’t draw houses, so I don’t think it turned out very good. I have to be in the mood to draw something I like. This picture makes me think of those delicious cherries, fresh picked from the tree.

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