Baby horse chase

The herd¬†of brown horses were on the street today. They were down the street, eating grass in a yard. They were all brown, but I don’t know if these were same herd of brown horses I saw the other day. I didn’t see the S4¬†marked on these. I was waiting for them to walk by. All of the sudden, from the other end of the street, a young horse was running down the street. I think it got separated from the other group of horses that I have seen before. In fact I think it is this horse.

Some people were running after it. It was scared and it saw the brown horses and was going to run toward them. The brown horses didn’t want anything to do with the colt. The colt saw that it was not his group and started running away. The brown horses took off running after the colt, like they were going to attack it. The colt was running fast around the corner, and all the brown horses were running after the colt.

The people ran after it. I said “That colt does not live with those brown horses, why are you chasing it?” They said they were trying to turn him around. They did not see his group of horses.

Later the brown horses came back to my street. I did not see the colt they were chasing. I hope it found it’s family of horses. I took some carrots to the brown horses and one came up and I fed it two carrots. It came right up to me and at the carrot from my hand. Then 4 other horses came up to me, but I didn’t have any more carrots to give them. I walked away, they followed me, but then turned around. I took pictures of them right next to me, but I noticed my camera said memory card error, so the pictures didn’t take. All I got was the top picture I put up.

This is the other group of horses that the colt got separated from. I did not see them today.

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