Weekend coffee share 4/23/2016

It is time for Weekend coffee share.

DSC_0003 (2)cup

If we were having coffee I would have to tell you about my obsession with flashlights. It is not an obsession……really. I just like to buy them. I use them at night to see what time it is or when I get up in the dark in my motorhome. Sometimes we go to campgrounds with no electricity, so I use flashlights for light so I don’t run the vehicle battery down. Maybe I am reincarnated from a caveman at the beginning of time who stumbled around in the dark and says “I need light.” The thing is though, flashlights stop working for me. I bought a pack of 3 good flashlights at Costco, Duracell metal ones. I used one and in about 1 week it just went black and will not turn back on. All 3 of them did that. That totally sucked. Harbor Freight gives away flashlights. They have a coupon if you buy something you get a flashlight. I have lots of those. I stopped doing that because I don’t need anything from there.They do have great dog beds for $8. They always give 20% off coupons to use for one item. I got some dog clippers and dog beds from there.

I buy chicken from Sam’s club in a big pack. It is $1.88 a pound. I take home the chicken and seal it in those sealer bags. I used to buy the refills at the store and those are so expensive. I looked on Amazon and they have 11″ x 50′ vacuum sealer bags for $20.54 for two rolls. They don’t fit in the sealer but it is so easy to just get a paper cutter and cut them yourself. I measure out 9 inches and cut it and seal the end and them put the chicken in the bag and seal it.

DSC_0013 (2)u

These bags work great. They are not as not as thick as the Foodsaver bags but they work great for freezing chicken or steak.


I watched Wolfgang Puck on HSN. I have wanted his battery operated salt and pepper grinders but never buy them. I told my husband the next time I saw them on HSN I would buy them. I ordered them as soon as I saw Wolfgang using them. I didn’t call in this time either, I just ordered them on the computer. It is much faster than calling on the phone to order. Then I saw him selling a little rice cooker. I got one in orange. That is the color my son wanted. They came in so many pretty colors. It was on sale for $19.95. They always sell out of everything he sells on Home Shopping. I got it for my son because it will be easy for him to come home from school and make a serving of rice. He love rice. He is wanting to learn how to cook food. Wolfgang was using the rice cooker to cook lots of stuff with. He made mac n cheese with it. I watched how he made it and I am going to make mac n cheese in the rice cooker. You can even cook cake in it. I am going to try that, just to see how it comes out. Cake in a rice cooker…..who knew.

I just got them delivered. I am so excited to use them. They are nice.


I also ordered some of the knives he had. I got them for my motorhome. After that I stopped watching him because it makes you want to order everything he has.


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