Weekly Photo challenge: On Top

The Weekly photo challenge is On Top.

There are a lot of hawks sitting way up high in trees. I have seen them swoop down and catch birds and carry them off.

There is a water pond down the street. It is a wetlands area. I saw a swan in it. I stopped the car to take a picture of it. It mostly had it’s head under water, probably eating stuff. I would try to take a picture when it’s head was up, but it would put it’s head back underwater really fast. I finally caught it with it’s head up and got a picture. I don’t see swans ever around here.
There it is on top of the water.

Weekly photo challenge: UP

The weekly photo challenge is UP.

I saw this big bird  Up in a tree so I stopped my car. The bird was still sitting there, so I walked over and took a picture.


It was a hawk. When I walked closer, the bird flew away.


I took a picture of some clouds UP in the sky.


Some of the clouds were also by the ground too.

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