Weekly photo challenge: Everyday life

The Weekly photo challenge is Everyday life. This challenge is all about people and the things they do every day: working, eating, drinking, chatting, dreaming, walking, exercising, or any of those things we do all the time without really thinking about it. You might think that your neighbourhood isn’t very interesting, but imagine that you’re giving a guided tour to someone from the other side of the world—what’s normal for you might be extraordinary to them.

With that in mind I decided to take pictures of my area. It is probably not extraordinary to you, but here goes.

Today I went to Home Depot. It is just 3 miles from my house, well probably a little less that 3 miles. We go there all the time to get stuff for the house. My husband just put in a water softener and has to get things to install it. He built shelves for the garage. I bought a lot of trees to plant in my front yard. Picture of that coming later.

Anyway while I waiting in the car, I took a picture of Home Depot. I am sure most of you in the USA have seen a Home Depot store, but who knows if you have one in other countries. See that big stack of white stuff on the right. That is wood pellets for pellet stoves. I want a wood pellet stove but I don’t know if I will ever get one.

I drive by this water area everyday, twice a day.  See the cows in the background, those are the cows I took a picture of the last challenge. The guys moves the cows around and today they are in a different field. There are always pretty birds in the water. I don’t think the water is very deep, but it is a natural spring area.

Another everyday thing I see where I live is construction of houses. I took a picture of the concrete guys pouring a house slab. It is kind of interesting. They pour the slab really thick, and shoot out the concrete from these hoses attached to this big truck. The guys guide the hose around and concrete shoots out of it.


I still have a few move boxes to unpack. The whole garage was full of the boxes that we packed. It hurts to lug those upstairs. I am sore all over. My knees are screaming when I carry something heavy upstairs. Last week I put out some boxes full of boxes and the garbage truck came and picked up the trash. The garbage man told me that he would take what I put out, but the next time I had to flatten them and bundle them up and tie them. My husband gave the guy a $20 bill for taking what we had. (We put out a lot of stuff.)

Today was trash day. The big green “sanitation” truck came by across the street. It has this arm on it that goes out and clamps the trash can and lifts it up and turns it over and dumps out the trash into this box. The box then goes up and turns over and dumps out the trash into the truck. If you have extra bags, then a guy gets out of the truck and throws extra trash into the box thing.

I spent last night getting the boxes nice and neat and put in a bundle and tied them together. We got them to the curb. We went to Home Depot this morning and bought blinds for the windows upstairs. When we came back home the trash was empty but the boxes that I put out were still there. I called the trash company. They said the guy would not pick up the boxes because it was too big and heavy. They told me to make it that big in the first place.

I was told to pack it up smaller. I called back and I can take the boxes to the recycle center and they will take cardboard. They should have told me that in the first place. We put them in the back of our pickup and will take them tomorrow. I will take a picture of the place.

Another thing I am peeved about is Home Depot. I bought a washer and gas dryer the day I closed on my house. We had to wait 8 days to have it delivered. The delivery guys showed up and started putting it in my house. I asked them if they hooked the dryer up to the gas line. “No, this drier is electric.” I didn’t buy an electric dryer. They took everything back to the store. They said I had to reject everything and just get another set. I went to the store and they cancelled that order and then ordered another washer and the gas dryer. They said I would get it delivered in 8 more days. It was supposed to be next Thursday. Today they called me and said the stuff is on back order and it will be delivered on Saturday. I should have gotten the washer and dryer from RC Wiley. I got my refrigerator from them and it was delivered in 2 days. I just get a lot of run around from Home Depot. RC Wiley is this big furniture and appliance store here. I got my couches and fridge and my husband got a nice wood headboard for his bed, all delivered in 2 days. I bought the washer and dryer from Home Depot first and then bought the other stuff at the other store. I will never go to Home Depot to buy appliances again. I did go there today and got window coverings and they are nice. But I didn’t have to have those delivered.

I will put up more pictures when I am all done unpacking and putting away stuff. It seems like that will take a long time. There is so much to do.

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