WeekendCoffeeShare 6-4-16

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If we were having coffee we would talk about our week. My son graduates next week. He got his yearbook Friday. I looked at it. Everybody looked nice except one girl. She had really green hair. Why would her mother take her to the photography studio with clown hair. She will forever be remembered with green hair. I took a picture of it to show you. I did block her face. I don’t want to publish her face.

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We got his cap and gown. It is navy blue. I ordered a navy blue tie for him to wear. He has to wear a dress shirt and tie and dress pants and dress shoes. He graduated at 8AM next Saturday. I have to have him at the place at 7 AM. Ugggg, the last time I have to get up early. Yipeeee.


My husband ordered some vinyl to finish the patio in the back of the house. It is coming out so nice. He worked on it all day and one half is done.

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I made nachos the other night so I put the nachos in the oven and turned on the time for 10 minutes¬†to melt the cheese. I took them out of the oven and it was still cold. The oven broke. Darn.¬† It is a Whirlpool Gold double oven. It is 4 years old and now it won’t work. My husband had it all apart and checked it out and ordered an igniter part. The part won’t be here for 2 weeks. Don’t buy a Whirlpool gold double oven. The top oven still works but it is small.


I had to redo the dog leash I made. My son said it was too long and dragged on the ground. The part I drew on with a permanent marker stained his hand. I cut the leash shorter and then taped the handle part with green tape. His school colors is green and blue. That is why I used those colors on the leash. The next time he walks the dog I will see if it works for him. It is funny….I got the lease and was working on it. My dog was going bonkers because I had it. She thought she was going to go for a walk.


Well, I have to go fold up laundry. That is a never ending job.



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