Hoovertown building project

My son came home today and said he had homework.  He went upstairs and worked on something for a while.  He came down with something in his hands.  He built a little building out of Lego blocks.  He had Lego people inside of it and he had put a little red light inside that lit up the people and a little tree.  It was pretty neat.  He then wanted to put it into a box.  His assignment was to make a house like what you would find in Hoovervilles, back in the depression.  We looked up pictures and it looked like they made houses out of old pieces of wood and tin and card board.  I got a box that held soup and my husband cut it to fit his Lego house.  We turned the box inside out and taped it together.  I slapped on some whiteout to make it look like some splashes of paint.  I think it turned out really good.

We drove to this place today that sells truck toppers.  We might buy one for our pickup truck.  They do cost a lot of money though, so we are just pricing them.  On our way home we stopped at a Waffle House that was just built.  We went inside and walking up the sidewalk I smelled the new mulch that they put around the outside of the building.  It was so strong-smelling that it just about took your breath away.  I can’t describe the smell, kind of like a strong-smelling manure.  I just wanted to hurry inside so I didn’t have to smell that.  They have a big sign in the window that you can get 15 meals with a drink for $5.  It was mostly eggs.  I did find a burger with hash browns, so I ordered that.  When the waitress brought my hamburger, I put ketchup and mustard on it and then lifted up the top of the bun to put over the burger.  The bun was hard as a rock.  That thing must have been really old.  I could thump it with my fingers and it would make a thunk sound.  I have never had a hamburger bun that hard.  I lost my appetite for lunch.  My husband said to tell the waitress.  I didn’t really want to, because she would probably bring out another equally hard bun, plus I didn’t want them spitting on my food for sending it back.  (I have seen Youtube videos on that stuff.)  I took a bite, it was not that good. 

We wanted to try the restaurant, but I know I won’t be back.  My husband ordered a waffle which was $3.99, just for a waffle and an order of bacon, which was $3.65, so his waffle meal was almost $8.  For that much money (both meals), I could have eaten at the Ranch House Restaurant. 

We also went to the grocery store to get some bread.  We walked around the store to see if we wanted to buy anything else.  My husband noticed a new item, a caramel cake mix and caramel frosting.  I love caramel stuff, so he bought that.  I will make it tomorrow.  I already have visions of caramel cake in my head.  Yummmm.

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