Weekly photo challenge: Hands

The weekly photo challenge is Hands.

I was watching the TV show America’s Got Talent last night. (I had it recorded.) I noticed that Howie Mandel comes out into the audience and runs fast through the crowd of people. His hands are clenched tight. He is afraid of germs on people.

Then Howard Stern comes out into the audience and goes to hug Howie. Howie puts his hands to his chest, hands clenched tight in fists. He avoids Howard’s hug. He probably is freaked out because Howard’s hands touch him.

Then Sharon comes out and she is happy and makes a heart with her hands. She makes a hand shaped heart a lot.

Then a man used whole theater as an instrument. He strung wires all over the place and used his hands to play music on the wires. It was kinda neat sounding.

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