Weekly photo challenge: Infinite

The Weekly photo challenge is Infinite.
Infinity can produce contrasting effects on (and in) us: it might make us feel dwarfed or amplified, afraid or empowered. It might take the form of a wide panorama or a zoomed-in fraction of an object. A starry sky? A sea of commuters on a train platform? Rows of corn in a field? No pun intended, but the possibilities really are endless.
There is an Italian Festival downtown this weekend. We went downtown to the festival. It was so crowded, it was endless people. The crowd was infinite.
They were making a giant pot of spaghetti sauce. They kept pouring giant cans of tomato sauce into it.
One guy was cooking lots of meat.
They had these blow up guys who have infinite movement. They go up and then down and flap around.
Or you can go into a casino, there are infinite ways to lose your money.