Gold show and a Lamborghini

  We went to the gold show today.  It was over in Mesa, AZ.  Hubby wanted some classifiers.  They are they round plastic sifter things with screens in them, different sizes to sift dirt to find gold. 

We  parked the car about a block away.  The parking lots were full.  There were a lot of people going to the gold show.  It mainly is a lot of booths set up to sell stuff to sift dirt or wash dirt to find gold.  It was so crowded inside you could hardly walk around.  I guess a lot of people want to go find gold.  The tools to find gold is pretty costly.  Gold value is way up now, so people want to find it.

We used to go out in the desert and look for gold.  My husband had all the equipment to use.  After we moved from Nevada, he got rid of it all.  Now that we live out west again, he wants to go gold hunting again.  We have found little specks of gold.  Nothing big.  I told him we should just go look for some, some weekend.  The weather is so nice out, it is in the 70’s.  The sun feels so good on you skin.  It would give us something to do, just get out of the house and into the sun. 

I have been eating an orange everyday lately.  It is juicy and sweet and tastes so good.  It is like I am getting sunshine in a orange fruit.  Those oranges sit on the tree and soak up sunshine for months, getting tasty and delicious.  When I peel the orange and the pungent oil on the skin is strong with orange smell, I can’t wait to eat the orange and drink in the sweet juice and liquid sunshine.

Oh yeah…..the people at the gold show……a lot of the guys looked like those old prospectors.  Long beards and cowboy hats, boots, jeans, suspenders holding up the jeans.  They looked like they have been in the desert a long time looking for gold.

This one booth had little baggies of dirt with gold in it.  One baggy was priced $1,900 dollars.  I could not believe the price.  He said “If you buy that one, you will get some gold in it.” 

Yeah but if I don’t, I won’t be out $1,900 dollars.      I wonder if he sold that bag of dirt.

On the way home, on the freeway, I saw a Lamborghini car.  It was black and sleek and low to the ground.  You don’t see those very often.  I looked up how much they cost.  They cost $385,000.  I could buy two houses for the price of that one car.  I wish I had his money.   I wish I could find a really big gold nugget.   I just wish alot.

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