#WeekendCoffeeShare 05-29-16

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It is the weekend coffee share time again. Welcome back or just welcome if this is your first time. Let me tell you about my dog leash making experience. My son took my dog for a walk and he said the Leash broke. I went to Walmart to get a new one so I picked one out for $6.48. I checked the price and decided on this one that glows in the dark. When I went to pay for it, it rang up for $1 higher, $7.48. I told the cashier it was marked cheaper and it rang up higher. See…I hate that things ring up different. Back in the old days they marked everything in the store so you knew what it cost. When the stores decided to not mark anything, they said if it rang up different, they would give it to you for free. They had to do that in order for them not to mark each thing. Now they act like they don’t care and say it rings up this, if you want it, you pay this price. I told them to keep the leash. I then went to Home Depot and bought 6 feet of white rope for 9 cents a foot. It is the silky feeling rope. I used the leash clasp that was on the old leash. I taped on the rope after my husband wrapped it with this silver wire I had. I painted with puff paint I had. I put blue dots on one side of the rope and green dots on the other side of the rope.


My son’s school colors is green and blue. I put brown x marks down both sides to match my dog. I still need to put wire around the loop handle. I think it turned out nice.

I have been watching a lot of videos on making paracord dog leashes. I bought some yellow and purple cord, but I don’t think it is the right type because it will not pull tight when I try to make the knots. I ordered a book on how to tie the cord. I watched some YouTube videos but I could not do them. They tie it so fast and only show it a couple of times and the cord I had just did not act like it would work. I also put a hold on a library book on how to do it, but it is checked out right now.

Today we went to look at used jeeps and car dealers. The ones I saw were gross and dirty. I am amazed at how dirty people have their cars. The seats are all dirty and stained. One car had a cracked windshield and it was so dirty. The dealers do not even clean them up to sell them. I would not give them a dollar for them. One had wires all hanging out and holes drilled all over the console. The seat was all broke and parts of the bottom plastic were gone. I said “Why are there so many holes all over it?” The sales guy said “They had a CB radio attached to it.” Well they must have taken that off and just left the holes all over it.

It makes me not want to buy anything used. I wanted a vehicle to tow behind our motorhome. Only a few vehicles are made to tow. I will just wait a while before I look again.

I made a really good meatloaf the other day. I did not take a picture of it. The next time I make it I will take a picture and put the recipe of how I make it on here. If anyone would like it let me know and I will post it.

Well that is all I can think of today. I think I will go watch the new Grace and Frankie shows on Netflix.

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