My son got two pairs of paper glasses to view the eclipse from school. I started going outside around 5:20 PM. You could see the moon just coming near the bottom edge of the sun. You could see the sun really well through the dark, dark glasses. At one time, when I took off the glasses, the sun hit me in the eyes and it was blinding bright. I thought “Oh no, I burned my eyes, I will be blind.” I only looked at it for a second, but it was so bright. It took a while for the black spot to dissappear from my vision. At about 6:00 PM, the moon was starting to cover more of the sun. I stood there and watched it edge over the sun. The sun was cresent shaped. Then the moon started to cover more and more of the sun. It was looking like it was starting to get dark outside.

Then the clouds started forming and covered the sun. “NO”. I stood there waiting for a peak of the sun, with the moon in front of it.

I stood there looking and looking and finally the clouds parted and the moon was over the sun. It looked like a shiny gold ring around the moon. It looked amazing. I lifted up my camera to take a picture but it was too bright. I did capture some neat sun rays and if you look, you can see a reflection that must have been made in the blue part of the sky. A circle that is bright but has a dark center.

 The clouds then covered the sun and when I could finally see it again, the moon was just covering the top corner of the sun. I did get to see it though, it was wonderful. I guess the next one will be 35 years from now. I told my son he will be 49 years old then. He can remember that he saw it this year.

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