My trip to Tijuana to go to the dentist.

I went to the dentist in my town and he gave me a list of what I needed done. Two root canals and crowns that would cost me $4,400.00. I started looking at prices in Tijuana and found a couple of travel blogs that recommended Baja Oral Center in Tijuana, Mexico. I made an appointment for July 7th. We drove to San Diego and stayed by the ocean in an RV park called Campland on the Bay. That place is expensive and crowded and packed. They crowd you in close together and the place is just dirt with a fire pit and picnic table with full hookups for $100 a night and up. But it was a place to stay and I wanted to go to the beach.
I do not go to the dentist because I am kind of afraid of going. My front tooth broke 4 years ago and it was getting shorter so I had to finally go. My husband made an appointment too. We drove to the border and parked on the USA side and walked over to Mexico. We walked to the taxi area and I gave the driver a printout of the directions to the dentist. We got there fast. They drive crazy in Mexico. It was not bad going to the dentist, it was frightful driving back to the border. There are roundabouts and everyone goes at the same time. We found the dentist office and went in. It was so hot. I was the first appointment and I guess they turn off the air conditioner on Sunday. We were hot and sweating. The dentist called me in and took a look at my teeth. He said he would bond my front tooth, it didn’t need a root canal and I needed a root canal on one of my back teeth. He would do it for $850. My dentist wanted $2,400 for that tooth. I said OK and waited to go to another office down the hall to do the root canal. That cost $300, but the crown would be $550, it would be porcelain. It was a woman dentist and it seemed like it took forever, I guess it was a couple of hours. I then went back to Dr. Garcia and he worked on my tooth getting it ready for the crown. I would have to come back on Wednesday for the crown. We got a taxi and went to Revolution street. My son wanted a big Mexican hat.
His is black but just like this. It was like a velvet with Mexico written on it with colored strings all around the brim. He paid $35 for it. I got two bottles of tequila, you are allowed to bring back a liter per person back across the border. We got a taxi and went to the border to wait in line. It was hot and the line was so long. It was hardly moving and we stood there for 5 hours. It was just awful. I was hot and my back hurt and my feet hurt and my mouth was now hurting. While you stand there in line, there are people begging for money. Vagrant people was singing really loud in your face holding cans, shaking them at you to give them money. One guy was sitting at a keyboard, singing really bad. There was a guy on the side-walk that looked like he was dead. Cops were standing by him, lifting up his shirt to see if he was shot or stabbed I guess. They would kick him and we finally saw him breathing but he never opened his eyes. The line finally moved past him. I was so glad to finally get through the line and back into the U.S. I dreaded going back on Wednesday because I didn’t want to wait in that line again.
We went to a beach on Tuesday that we found that allowed dogs. The ocean is so beautiful. I love the waves and walking in the sand. My dog hated the ocean, the waves would come up the sand and she would freak out. A few waves came in and drenched me while I was walking along the beach. My dog got wet too.
Wednesday came and we had an appointment to go back to the dentist. My son stayed in the RV. He didn’t want to go back to Mexico. I got my crown and the doctor fixed my front tooth that was broke. It only cost $60 and it looks great. He even fixed my top one for free, it was a little chipped so he smoothed it out and bonded the edge. My husband got a bridge for the top teeth for $450. I was so happy to have my teeth fixed. The dentist was very nice. We got in a taxi and went back to the border. There was no line, it took us 15 minutes to wait in line inside the border building. I was so happy that there was no line. Do not go to Mexico on a Monday after a holiday weekend. It was a zoo. It was after the 4th of July. Wednesday was not busy at all. If you do go to Mexico to the dentist, do not go on a Monday. It is hot because they do not cool the building until Monday. It takes a while to cool down. Other than that, I would go back to have my teeth worked on if I need it. There was a lady in there, paying for her dental visit. I talked to her. She was from Texas and said she has been going to Dr. Garcia for years. She had all her teeth veneered. She said it cost her $300 to fly to Tijuana and $80 a night to stay in the hotel in Tijuana. That was less than my RV park space.
We did eat at Old Town in San Diego one night. The food was great. My son was not thrilled with the bay water to swim in. He likes the ocean better, he said the water was cleaner. This is the Campland beach. It was packed with people but the part I took the picture was not crowded.

Describe your dream vacation. Topic 41

Today WordPress came up with Topic 41: Describe your dream vacation.

Now is this one you had, or one you wish to have?  I am going to go with one I had, but actually the dream turned out to be a nightmare.

I used to dive.  My boss owned a dive shop, so I took diving lessons from his dive shop.  I will call him Mr. Bill.  His partner was my eye doctor.  He mostly taught me the diving lessons.  I did pretty good with them, until I put on a wet suit and went out to Lake Mead to dive on a very windy day.  The water was cold, so you had to wear a wet suit.  Wet suits are tight and choke your neck.  The water is cold but warms up from your body heat.  I was in the water with my tanks on and weight belt.  The water was really murky and you could not see much.  When I came up, the waves were splashing in my face, I was going under the water and it was going in my nose and mouth and I panicked.  I thought I was drowning.  I got to shore and drove home.  I later regained my courage and took diving lessons at the YMCA.  I did great because it was warm pool diving and not out in the cold lake.  I got certified and booked a trip to Cozumel, Mexico for a week of diving and sight-seeing.  There was a group of us going.  My boss also was going and we hated each other.  When I booked the trip, I asked him if he was going and he said “No”, so I booked it.  Then he went ahead and booked it too.  He didn’t want me anywhere near him.  If everyone shared a taxi, he would glare at me and make me wait for the next taxi, I could not get in a taxi that he was in.  If the group all went out to eat, I could not sit at the table if he was there.  One time he sat down, so I sat at a different table and everyone sat at my table and not with him.  He glared at me.  I really liked diving at first.  They would tell you to take a bag of fish with you, to feed the fish.  Down in the ocean, the fish get huge.  One time I went down, I had my bag in my hand and this giant Grouper fish came right up to me.  He was bigger than me.  They have these giant lips and mouth and teeth. 

I found this on the internet to show you a picture of a grouper.

The fish, all of a sudden, sucked my hand and arm and bag of food into its mouth.  I was so scared.  It felt like a vacuum cleaner sucking up my arm.  I pulled my arm and hand out of its mouth.  I had on gloves and they were shredded up from its teeth.  It swallowed the bag whole.  After that I swam with my arms next to me.  I was scared of the fish coming too close and I never fed them again.    I went on a trip for two days to Chitzanetza.  That place was really beautiful, but mosquitos bit me a lot.  I put on mosquito repellent and it melted my beautiful fake fingernails.

It was so humid there, you could hang out your swimsuit to dry and it never would.

We would go to Carlos and Charlies at night and listen to the music and drink.  I met this guy who owned a business when you go on a boat ride, a pirate boat ride and they give you this rum punch and you go out for the night and they feed you on the beach.  He was on that boat ride.  We then all went over to Carlos and Charlies and sat at a table with the owner and they kept buying me drinks.  When it was time to go, he said he would give me a ride back to my hotel.

I thought, OK, he seems nice.  I get in his car and he drives off to a dark deserted road and stopped his car.  I said “My hotel is the other way, what are you doing?”  I got out of the car and he started chasing me around the car.  I kept saying take me home, this is silly.  I finally convinced him to take me back to the hotel, that he could come up to my room.  We got back in the car and he took me to the hotel.  When he stopped, I got out of the car and ran to my room and ran in and locked the door.  I was really scared he would find me, but he didn’t.  I am glad he took me back to my hotel.  I had been drinking and didn’t think anything would happen to me.  I should have taken a taxi.

I got really sick the last two days from eating the Mexican food, or water.   The hotel water was brown and gross.  I was sick on the plane ride all the way home.  That was a miserable trip home.  I never went diving again after that trip.

There was a whole cows head in the meat case.

We woke up Saturday morning.  I made a big bowl of pancake batter to cook up pancakes.  I love pancakes on Saturday.  Hubby cooks the bacon.  He makes it nice and crispy.  We decided to go to the Fry’s Mercado store. 

It is a Mexican store.  When we parked in the parking lot and got out and walked to the door, we saw that they were cooking up lots of chicken outside.  They had two big grills with racks on them and they were covered in chicken.  The smell of smoke and chicken filled the air.  There were a lot of picnic tables sitting outside and a sign selling chicken dinners.  We were there about noon and it was so hot.  It was 112 degrees that day.  With the two grills with fires going, it was even hotter.  There were actually people sitting outside at the tables eating food.  I was just roasting hot walking by.  When we went inside the store, there was this big square of food displays for sale.  They were selling all kinds of ice creams and drinks and lots of fruits.  I went there for the avocado’s.  They were 6 for 99¢ .  They had 4 pounds of white onions for $1.  I got 3 onions for 38¢.  I got two big bags of carrots, a cauliflower, green beans, 2 heads of lettuce, 64¢ each.  They had a big stand of white rice.  The price was 2 pounds for $1.  I measured out 2 pounds.  I got almost 8 cups of rice for $1.  That is 14¢ a serving. 

Then I saw the meat counter.  They had a lot of packaged meat.  They had a pack of chicken feet.  It even had the toe nails on it.  My son came over and said “Mom, you have to see what they have in the meat counter.”  I walked over to it.  It was long.  There was so much meat in it.  (see photo above.)

Down toward the end they had a whole pig head.  It’s eyes were open.  Then I saw a huge head of an animal.  It looked like a cow’s head, without the fur.  It still had its teeth.  What would you do with that thing.  It was really big.   “Um, I will have the head, weigh it out.”  I wonder what it would cost.  How would you cook it…..maybe throw it on one of those big grills out front, feed the whole neighborhood at your next party.  Who wants the eyes? 

The pig head still had its skin on. 

I once worked with a woman who bought pig ears to eat.  She would fry them up.  She said it was like bacon.   Oops, that thought just popped into my mind.  Back to my story…..

There was another place down from the meat counter that had prepared Mexican food.  There were tables there too.  I asked the girl behind the counter where were the tortilla’s that were made fresh.  She didn’t speak English, she just pointed.  I found the production area for the fresh made tortillas.  They had hundreds on a counter, freshly made, still hot.  I got a bag of those.  There was little stores at the other end of the store.   They had clothes in one, jewelry and makeup in another. 
A music store and a store that rented of sold furniture (not sure).  One store had purses.  My son said he felt like he was in Mexico. 

I loved the Mercado store.  The tortillas were fantastic.  It is a long distance for me to go, but if I am in the area of that store, I will go again.


We just went to Mexico two months ago.  We went down by Yuma.  We just went there to get some medicine.  It was so hot there.  There were hardly any cars in the parking lot to cross over to Mexico.  I think people must go when it cools down.  I have never seen the parking lot so empty.  I will go back when it cools down.


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