Virginia City, NV

Virginia city is 14 miles from my house. You go over a mountain to get to it. My son wanted to go there to eat lunch and walk around the old town. It is like an old western town. They still mine silver and platinum and gold. There are a lot of old buildings and the sidewalks are made of wood and slope and twist and dip and are little hard to walk on. We walked the whole street looking for a place to eat. There are old saloons with long wood bars. We went into a few shops that sold stuff like old knives and little bottles of silver. I almost bought one but thought what would I do with it once I got home. My son wanted this old knife that had a little pistol mounted on it, it was dull and looked like a cap gun. The guy wanted $50 but I thought maybe $20 is all it was worth. It was one of those, this is neat but he would just put it in a drawer and never look at it again. We didn’t buy it. I wanted a t-shirt that showed a long bar with horses sitting on the bar stools and said Virginia City, but they didn’t have one in the store, just the window. I didn’t get a t-shirt.

We found a saloon with a menu out front so we went in to eat. They had a sign “See the suicide table.” It was this old poker table in the back, all worn out, under glass. The sign said 3 men commented suicide on that table after losing all they money. If you think about it, it is gross. I didn’t look at it long. The town was not very busy. It was a Tuesday and half of the businesses were closed. The food was good in the restaurant, saloon.


I had chicken fingers and my son had a clam chowder in a bread bowl and hubby had the most delicious meat ball sandwich. The 3 guys at the bar stood up and grabbed their canes. My husband heard them say “We can’t drink more, we have to drive home”, as they stumbled out the door.

We walked around the town after we ate. There is a saloon called Bucket of Blood. It is usually packed on the weekends, but it was empty when I looked in the door. It does have a neat name.

IMG_0015 (2).JPG

It was getting cold, that town is almost 7,000 feet. We drove home. You can see the mountains, covered with snow across the valley. That is where Lake Tahoe is, way up in the mountains. It is a steep, twisting, turn road to get back down the mountain.


Weekly photo challenge: Horizon

The Weekly photo challenge is Horizon.
So many places where the sky meets the earth around the world, and millions of interactions between two elements. It can be water, a city skyline, a forest, a wasteland, a desert, a sunset outside your bedroom window.
I took this the other morning. The sun was just coming up so the mountains were still dark, but the sky was so blue.

The wild horses have been coming around a lot lately. The other morning they were crossing a busy road. You have to be careful not to hit them. These were across the street in a field. The sun was starting to go down and it lit up the grass all yellow. The sky looked a little hazy.
You can see the horizon at the ocean really well. I love being at the beach. You can see forever.
mrytle beach 030

Weekly photo challenge: Lost in the Details.

The weekly photo challenge is Lost in the details.  Move the camera around to see how a scene changes. Get low, or reach higher for that matter, and bring out the details that are often hiding in plain sight.

I looked higher. I love the yellow sunset over the snowy mountains.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

The Weekly photo challenge is Hope.

Everytime I look outside, I hope the day will be a great one. When you see this, the beauty of the giant ball of fire, lighting up the sky, gives me hope that I can capture the beauty of it with my camera.

When I see the sky all cloudy and grey, hovering over the mountains, it gives me hope that it will snow, so I can go sledding down the mountain. It didn’t snow at my house.

I hope it will this year though.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mountains

I have a few mountain pictures.

There are a lot of mountains in California and Nevada. I liked the way the mountains were shaded by the clouds.

Last Monday we went to Donner Pass in the mountains in California. There is a lake. It is not far from Lake Tahoe. Donner Pass is where those pioneer people in the 1800’s were going to California and got stuck in a snow storm and could not get out for the winter. They ended up eating like 40 people to stay alive. We camped in our trailer. I kept waiting to see or hear ghosts, but I didn’t.

We did drive over to Lake Tahoe. I could not take any pictures there because it was so crowded with people and houses. It is up high in the mountains too.  This is a picture of Donner Lake.

There are a lot of big rocks up at Donner Pass. My son loved to climb on them. I can see why the pioneers had a hard time trying to get over the pass with those big rocks all over.

It did get cold at night. It was nice and warm during the day though. The sign on the water said the water was very cold, but I saw people swimming in the water.

In the background, you can see this train. (Click picture to make it big). It was chugging up the mountain very slow because it was steep. That is my son on another big rock. Big pine trees grow all over the mountain. I love going up to the mountains.

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