Seagull catches crab in ocean.

We went on a vacation in our motorhome. I wanted to go to Oregon to see the Multnomah water fall (another post coming soon).¬†Oregon is so green and full of trees. The beaches are cold and windy. The waves are big and strong. They carry up a lot of trees on the beach. They have signs that say Beware of the sneaker waves. I was afraid that a sneaker wave would just come up and wash me away. I didn’t see any but I didn’t go by this giant rock because one minute you could see the sand around it and the next minute it had water around it. I did walk close to it. The sand was wet and had water running over it. There were thousands of these bug things that would dive into the sand and disappear fast. We saw a seagull dive into the water and catch a crab. It was fighting with the crab and flipped it over and pecked at it and ate it.

DSCN1587 (2)u.jpg

I walked over to it and the bird dropped it and waited for me to go away. I took a picture of it. Poor crab, it was already dead.

DSCN1593 (2)u.jpg


My husband panned for gold but did not find any gold at the beach.

DSCN1594 (2).JPG

This was at low tide. You can’t get to these rocks at high tide. I didn’t see any starfish. The lady at the visitor center said it has to be a minus tide to find them. It was not a minus tide.

I did find a rock at one Oregon beach that was at another beach in Washington. I left it there but took the picture. It reminds me of a happy face.

DSC_0019 (2)

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