Now that is a tall Christmas tree.

The Outlet store mall had a giant pine tree brought in to be put up.  It is supposed to be the biggest Christmas tree in the United States.  They have been decorating it and they are going to have a lighting of the tree Nov. 20th.  I can’t wait to see it lit up.  It is as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

As we were going by, I took a picture of it from my truck.  I will get pictures when it is lit up. 

   If you want to read about it, just search United States tallest Christmas tree 2010.  I didn’t get the link to it.  

I think it is sad for the poor tree though.  How many years does it take to grow that tall, and in the blink of a eye…..well OK, maybe more than one blink, probably a whole bunch of blinks… was cut down and dragged on a truck to the desert.  Just to stand there and look pretty for a little while. 

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