This is the rocks I have painted.

So far I have painted 4 rocks. I painted the one with a rooster for a friend. I sent it to him. It cost $7.15 just to send it. I don’t think I will be sending rocks to people anymore. But he is sick and I wanted to cheer him up. It cost less than flowers to send. This is what I painted. After my friend saw it she asked me to paint her a rock. I am going to paint a heart with dots. It is called a mandella rock. Not sure how that will turn out, but I found a heart shaped rock. She has been my friend for 43 years. I can’t turn her down.


I then painted two small rocks for Christmas. You paint the head on one and the body on a little bit bigger rock. I painted Santa. I love it. It is only 3″ long. You can put magnets on the back and  put them on your fridge.


I count that as 2 rocks. The next rock I love. I make it spooky. I found a rock and painted it like a book. I painted an eye and put puff paint for the blood tear coming out of the eye. I used colored pencil to color in the front of the book. I will show more as I do them.



I want to paint rocks.

I painted a rock with a eagle on it when I was a teenager and gave it to my grandmother. I saw on the news that people paint rocks now and hide them for people to find. I found several Facebook groups with painted rocks. I am amazed at the talent that people have. They paint beautiful rocks.

I went to the store and bought some paint and the dollar tree has paint and small smooth rocks so I bought a bag. Half of the rocks in the bag I bought were awful, cracked and broken but there is about 10 that I can use. I went outside and looked in the yard for some rocks that were smooth, I have some river rocks. I need to go to the river to find bigger ones. I want to paint this one. I think it is beautiful. It was painted by someone else and posted in one of the groups to show. It is an underwater scene. I think I will paint a dolphin, not the whales. I love dolphins. Isn’t that rock amazing. I need to find one like that.


A friend of mine that I met on the internet got sick and went to the hospital. He and his wife are so nice and they were traveling and met me for lunch a few years ago. I gave them an ocean painting that I painted. He sent my son a few arrow heads that he found once.

I told them that I would paint a chicken on a rock and send it to them. I found the rock, and practiced drawing chickens. Now I have to paint it.

This is a picture of me I took today. Have a great week.