Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

The weekly photo challenge is Between

Between now and Christmas, I see the strangest dressed people. I was at the mall and saw this lady wearing a Christmas hat, but this hat had 4 red, fat, puffy hang down parts with a fluffy white ball at the end of each one. She also had on flashing, hanging down red lighted earrings. I just had to get a picture of her. She walked really fast and I didn’t want anyone to notice I was taking a picture of her. I had to use my zoom on my camera, but I did get a picture of her from the back and it only shows 3 hanging parts of her red hat, but trust me, there are 4. Just between you and me, I think it is a little strange looking. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you that, OK?, it will just be our little secret….between friends.

I went to Papa Johns to order a pizza. While I was sitting there, I was thinking what could I take a picture meaning “between” for this challenge. Then I noticed my between picture. As I was watching the pizza oven, I noticed I could just see my pizza, almost coming out the end. It rolls through, from one side to the end all cooked. It comes between this slot in the oven.

 So I waited till I could see a little more of the pizza. I zoomed in because it was a little far away, and I don’t think the pizza guys would let me walk in there to take a closer picture. There it is, almost coming out that space between the roller belt and the heat.

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