Time to have a Christmas ornament made.

I make an ornament every year with my son’s picture on it. At first I just took a regular ball shaped ornament and printed out a picture and glued it on and then took puff paint and put the year on it. The picture always came out all wrinkled because it would wrinkle from the glue and going onto  a round surface. Last year I found that Wal-Mart makes pretty porcelain ornaments with a picture. I took a picture and had the ornament made. It came out nicer than the ones I made. I like the first ones I made, but who knows how long those paper pictures will last. I think it would be neat to grow up and at Christmas time, you get to look at what you looked like when your were little. Your children would probably like looking at them too. If he does not want them, I will enjoy hanging them on my tree and looking at him through the years. 

My son does not want me taking more than one picture of him. I told him to go outside so I could take pictures of him. We went outside and I had him stand by a tree. After one picture he said he was done. I kept making him move to different spots and he had awful looks on his face. I finally had him stand by this wood fence and pose for me. I really liked this picture, so I used it for the ornament. I ordered it today and I will hang it on the tree for years to come.

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