The red flower

I decided to walk around to find the red flower that I did a close up for the red photo challenge. They grow from a grassy type plant. I can’t find the name of them on the internet. I thought they were more thick on the bottom, but they are more like a big grassy shape. They plant them in all the parking lots at stores. Those are huge, way bigger than at my apartment.

Some of the flowers are red and some are pinkish red. The flowers were open on some of them. They are a cream yellow color on the inside. This is what they look like.

Photo challenge One

The photo challenge is One.  They show a single pine cone. I used to go out and collect pine cones for Christmas decorations. I would find really big pine cones in California. I would bring them home and put glitter on them and hot glue then all around in a circle and make wreaths for the door. I haven’t done that for years but seeing that one pine cone brought back that memory.

My One is of a single tiny flower.

Lemon chicken

I like chicken and rice so tonight I decided to make lemon chicken. I found a recipe and changed it a little. I think it turned out tasting really good. I even took pictures to show you, in case you want to try it. First make some rice. I used Rice a Roni wild rice. It is easy to make you just put the rice in a pan with a tbsp of butter add the water (amount on the box). Boil it and cover it and cook on simmer for 25 to 30 minutes.

This is my recipe for Lemon Chicken.

1 large chicken breast. Slice it into even size pieces. This will serve 2.

3/4 cup of chicken broth.

I juiced 2 lemons, the recipe called for 1/2 cup but I don’t think mine came out to 1/2 cup. But they used 1 pound of chicken, I didn’t.

The lemon juice was pretty sour so I put in 4 spoons of sugar. Just put in a spoon at a time and taste it to see if you like it because you might end up with more juice.

A few shakes of garlic powder. I don’t measure, I just put on what I like.

1/4 cup of sour cream

1 tbsp butter

1 small onion, chop it up.

1 spoon of corn starch in a little water, probably 1/4cup.


Cook up the onion till it is soft and then remove it from the pan and put it in a bowl for later. You have to watch it or it will start to burn.

Then you cook up the chicken. Just keep stirring it till it is cooked.

Put the onions back in when the chicked in almost done. Then pour in the chicken broth and 1 tbsp butter and your 1/4 cup of sour cream. A 1/4 cup is 4 tablespoons.

Then put a couple of shakes of garlic power over the chicken. Now add your lemon juice, sweetened.

Yummm, so lemony. 

Then I added the corn starch in a little water to thicken it up. This is what it looks like.

I put the rice down first and then put my serving over the rice.

 I serve it with buttered heated up tortillas. I just pull off a piece of tortilla and put it in the juice. It tasted good for a change. I will make this again.

Describe your dream vacation. Topic 41

Today WordPress came up with Topic 41: Describe your dream vacation.

Now is this one you had, or one you wish to have?  I am going to go with one I had, but actually the dream turned out to be a nightmare.

I used to dive.  My boss owned a dive shop, so I took diving lessons from his dive shop.  I will call him Mr. Bill.  His partner was my eye doctor.  He mostly taught me the diving lessons.  I did pretty good with them, until I put on a wet suit and went out to Lake Mead to dive on a very windy day.  The water was cold, so you had to wear a wet suit.  Wet suits are tight and choke your neck.  The water is cold but warms up from your body heat.  I was in the water with my tanks on and weight belt.  The water was really murky and you could not see much.  When I came up, the waves were splashing in my face, I was going under the water and it was going in my nose and mouth and I panicked.  I thought I was drowning.  I got to shore and drove home.  I later regained my courage and took diving lessons at the YMCA.  I did great because it was warm pool diving and not out in the cold lake.  I got certified and booked a trip to Cozumel, Mexico for a week of diving and sight-seeing.  There was a group of us going.  My boss also was going and we hated each other.  When I booked the trip, I asked him if he was going and he said “No”, so I booked it.  Then he went ahead and booked it too.  He didn’t want me anywhere near him.  If everyone shared a taxi, he would glare at me and make me wait for the next taxi, I could not get in a taxi that he was in.  If the group all went out to eat, I could not sit at the table if he was there.  One time he sat down, so I sat at a different table and everyone sat at my table and not with him.  He glared at me.  I really liked diving at first.  They would tell you to take a bag of fish with you, to feed the fish.  Down in the ocean, the fish get huge.  One time I went down, I had my bag in my hand and this giant Grouper fish came right up to me.  He was bigger than me.  They have these giant lips and mouth and teeth. 

I found this on the internet to show you a picture of a grouper.

The fish, all of a sudden, sucked my hand and arm and bag of food into its mouth.  I was so scared.  It felt like a vacuum cleaner sucking up my arm.  I pulled my arm and hand out of its mouth.  I had on gloves and they were shredded up from its teeth.  It swallowed the bag whole.  After that I swam with my arms next to me.  I was scared of the fish coming too close and I never fed them again.    I went on a trip for two days to Chitzanetza.  That place was really beautiful, but mosquitos bit me a lot.  I put on mosquito repellent and it melted my beautiful fake fingernails.

It was so humid there, you could hang out your swimsuit to dry and it never would.

We would go to Carlos and Charlies at night and listen to the music and drink.  I met this guy who owned a business when you go on a boat ride, a pirate boat ride and they give you this rum punch and you go out for the night and they feed you on the beach.  He was on that boat ride.  We then all went over to Carlos and Charlies and sat at a table with the owner and they kept buying me drinks.  When it was time to go, he said he would give me a ride back to my hotel.

I thought, OK, he seems nice.  I get in his car and he drives off to a dark deserted road and stopped his car.  I said “My hotel is the other way, what are you doing?”  I got out of the car and he started chasing me around the car.  I kept saying take me home, this is silly.  I finally convinced him to take me back to the hotel, that he could come up to my room.  We got back in the car and he took me to the hotel.  When he stopped, I got out of the car and ran to my room and ran in and locked the door.  I was really scared he would find me, but he didn’t.  I am glad he took me back to my hotel.  I had been drinking and didn’t think anything would happen to me.  I should have taken a taxi.

I got really sick the last two days from eating the Mexican food, or water.   The hotel water was brown and gross.  I was sick on the plane ride all the way home.  That was a miserable trip home.  I never went diving again after that trip.

Weekly photo challenge : Boundaries

Word Press is doing a weekly photo challenge.  The challenge is boundaries.  You post a picture of your interpretation of boundaries.  I just so happened to take a picture of the perfect boundary.

I went to the Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona. 

It had a walkway around the park that went past this old indian building built-in the canyon.  This creek was near it.  The Indians long, long ago probably used this water to drink and grow their crops

We could not get near the creek because the park service built this rock and wire boundary, so people could not get near the creek.

I guess they had a big boundary around their living area.  You had to crawl up a lot of rock to get to their house.  I guess it protected them from wild animals.


My house shoe has a hole in the heel. 

So I am writing a song about it.  It is a silly nonsense song, so you can exit out now, if you don’t want to waste your time.


My house shoe has a hole in it, hole in it, hole in it.

My house shoe has a hole in it

What am I gonna do.

It lets in all the cold in it, cold in it, cold in it,

It lets in all the cold in it, through the big ole ho.

I don’t like the ho,

ho, ho and the cold, cold, cold.

I don’t like the ho,

ho, ho, lettin in the coooold.

(Then teeth chattering noise and some whooshing sound.)

Draggin aroun this ho, aroun the ground,

make a scrapin sound.  It also make a hole in my sock.

So my sock has a hole in it, a hole in it, a hole in it.

Shoe hole, sock hole, cold air whooshing around,

feet scrapin the ground.


Also this tree has a hole in it.

I saw this on my weekend jaunt.  I will post about it tomorrow.

Darth Maul drawing.

I have been watching Star Wars, Clone Wars with my son on Cartoon Network.  They are like the last animated Star Wars movie.  The mad guy in the show looks kind of like Darth Maul.  The main witch lady told him that he should go look for his brother.  Then they show the brother’s face in a crystal ball.  It is the face of Darth Maul. 

So today I drew Darth Maul for day 23.

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